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Study Human Resource Management abroad

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Human Resources

Human Resources refers to the department of a company that deals with the treatment of and communication between employees. There is a common misconception surrounding the Human Resources sector, with many people believing it to be an industry that has only recently emerged.

While it is true that over the past 30 years the human resources market has rapidly expanded, there have human resources – related roles within business since the mid 1800’s when it became socially, and later legally expected that employers would look after the interests of their staff. From 1833 Industrial Welfare workers were employed to inspect factories and to ensure that women and children’s worked reasonable hours at a reasonable rate of pay.

These days, the work of human resource management teams is somewhat different from their Victorian counter-parts. Yet despite this, the underlying ethos of the role still remains the same; to care for the staff.

Is this the course for me?

A human resources degree is brilliant for individuals looking to pursue a career within the human resources sector. However, not every-one is suited to such a degree programme and so before applying you need to consider whether this really is for you.  Those undertaking this particular course of study need to be passionate, not only about business and management, but also about understanding how people think and how to match individual skill sets with the needs of a the business.

Many Human Resources courses will not only require you to attend lectures and seminars, but will also expect their students to undertake work experience and placements whilst studying. As well as having a passion for the subject matter, students will need to be hard-working and organised in order to get the most out of their course.

Careers prospects

Only some of the graduates with a Human Resources degree end up working within the Human Resources sector. Those who do tend to gained a strong qualification from a reputable university and have some previous work experience within an HR department.

However, not all graduates choose to go straight into the world of HR & Recruitment. A Human Resources qualification includes a variety of modules including employment law and the structure of business. With such a wide range of knowledge available to those with HR degrees, many graduates opt for jobs in business, journalism or legal fields.  Finance and banking are also popular career choices for HR graduates, as most courses also offer modules in finance or accountancy.

One of the key skill sets any HR student will acquire while pursuing their chosen course of study, is the ability to understand the way in which people think.  This makes an HR graduate an ideal applicant for jobs in advertising.

Studying Human Resource Management

Human Resources and Business Degrees in the UK have an estimated starting salary of £21,007 per year. This and the versatility of the subject matter means that such courses are particularly popular among career focussed students looking to work in a position with a higher salary.

Although the grades for entry are dependent upon the academic establishment, most universities require their students to have a minimum of 3 A-levels or their equivalent. However while there are no compulsory subjects that you need to have studied a qualification in maths, business or economics is advantageous and shows that you have a basic knowledge of the subject matter.  If you are a non-native English speaker, then you will also be required to pass a IETLS before starting any level of study.

In general an undergraduate course of this nature will last either 3 – 4 years depending upon where you decide to study. Universities that offer the course over a 4 year period often require applicants to spend their third year gaining practical experience through work placement schemes. Post –graduate courses may last anywhere from 1 – 3 years, depending upon the level of study.

Where to study?

The majority of students studying in Human Resources will have a keen interest in business and will be looking to pursue a career in Business or Human Resources upon graduation.  If this applies to you, then it is important to not only look at the course structure and module content, but also to look at the relationships the University’s business and management school has with recruiting firms. Larger firms will affiliate themselves with more prestigious courses in order to employ the most skilled graduates.

If you’re deciding that a 4 year undergraduate course or a more vocational post-grad course isn’t for you, you may still want to gain work experience outside of your University timetable. If this is the case then picking the right location is crucial. Most companies appreciate it when you demonstrate your initiative and will be more than willing to provide students with work experience during the days they are not expected at University. If this is something you are considering, then it is important that you chose to attend a university in a town or city where there will be a number of opportunities available.

Of course while location and prestige are key factors to consider when deciding where to study, it is also important that you apply for universities that you’re academic record matches the entry requirements of the course and that your scholarship or funding can cover the cost of the course fees.

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