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Nursing is a professions within the health care sector that focuses on the physical and pastoral cares of individuals and the communities in which they live in order to maintain an optimal quality of life. In general, nurses provide care within the ordering scope of physicians, although independent practice can take place depending upon the level of training and the expertise of the individual nurse.

The origins of the nursing profession are originally steeped in religion, with nuns often spending their time within local communities looking after the sick and the needy. Even to date, there is still evidence of these religious roots in nursing, with many nurses in senior positions being referred to as ‘ward sisters.’

Is this the course for me?

Are you fascinated by understanding the workings of the human body? Are you passionate about caring for others? Would you like to have a career that could help make a difference? If so, then it sounds like a nursing qualification might be worth pursuing.

However, nursing isn’t exactly the easiest of professions. Not only is it hard work, but it is important for nurses to have a strong grasp on human biology, as well as an understanding of the phsycological needs of a sick and/or dependant patient.  Those studying nursing will be expected to conduct extra study outside of their University contact hours, and their abilities will be assessed through written examination and practical tests. Those who make the most of their degree tend to be students that are hard-working, self motivated and have a thirst for knowledge as well as a caring nature.

Careers prospects

Many students who study nursing do so in order to pursue a career as a nurse, and with an entry level salary of £21, 176, nursing is a particularly worthwhile career. There are many specialise fields for graduate nurses to specialise in, although your career path will not only depend upon your personality, but also on your area of specialism. While many nurses prefer to work with adults, some prefer to pursue roles on maternity and paediatric wards in order to work with young people.

Similarly, some nursing students opt to take further training that allows them to expand their knowledge into other industries such as journalism, or to re-train as lawyers specialising in the lucrative field of medical law and ethics.

For those who wish to enter a seemingly un-related career field, the study of nursing is a prestigious course that allows students to develop a wide rand of skills. From the ability to in a fast-paced environment to the string team work and communication skills developed as part of the course, some nursing graduates continue to have successful careers in early years teaching posts and as primary school classroom assistants.

Studying Nursing

The fortunate thing about nursing is that it is something that can be studied at both undergraduate and post graduate level meaning that there is a wide range of study options available to those wanting to study the subject. All nursing undergraduate degrees require students to have 3 A-levels with a science focus (or equivalent) and post-graduate degrees will accept graduates with a 2.1 degree in a science related subject.

If you’re a non-native speaker looking to study in the UK, then don’t worry! Provided that meet the requirements and you can sit the IELTS test scoring a minimum of 6.0, then there’s nothing to stop you from applying for a position on the course.

The length of your course will very much depend on the University and the level at which you study. However, most post-graduate courses last approximately 2 years with undergraduate courses lasting a minimum of 3 years. The assessment method is also varied, with both written assignments and practical experiments being used as key indicators of your academic understanding.

Where to study?

When you are applying to study on a nursing course, it is important not only to look at the module options available to you, but also the practical hands-on experience that your University will allow you to gain during your studies. In order to provide students with the best training possible, many establishments will forge relationships with teaching hospitals that will not only provide students with strong practical experiences, but will also allow for a diverse range of career opportunities.

Of course it is also important to choose somewhere that will make you happy for the duration of your course, particularly if you’re opting to live away from home. Wherever you choose to study, your qualification will end up costing you a lot of money, so you need to ensure that you get the most out of your time as a student. As such it is important that you consider whether the surrounding culture will add to the pleasure of your University years as well as academic benefits of studying at a particular institution.

Most Universities will only accept graduates with A’s at A-level for under-graduate courses, or with a 2:1 degree for post-graduate study. Before deciding that nursing is the course for you, check that your predicted grades meet these requirements. Given that a nursing course can consist of up to three years, you should also think carefully about finance. Can you afford the fees and living costs?

If you’re struggling to secure funding, there are a number of scholarships and grants available.

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