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RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)

RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)



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The World Ranking: 401

  • userImage Saikiranyneni applied here on Apr 2015
  • userImage Siva applied here on Apr 2016
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RMIT offers programs in Melbourne, Australia and Vietnam, and through its partners in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore & Sri Lanka.

  • RMIT- A global university of technology, design & enterprise
  • 16th in the world in 2016-17 QS Top 50 Under 50
  • 84,000 students, including 13,000 at postgraduate level
  • Research “well above world standard” in 13 fields

As told by the student

  • About RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)
Joni China

Why did I choose this university?

‘I decided to go abroad because I always wanted to go outside and explore new places and experience new cultures. Australia is known as a multicultural society, so here I am! And RMIT is famous for Art and Construction, exactly the areas I’m interested in! Those are the main reasons why I decided to join. RMIT doesn’t really have a campus. The buildings are spread along Swanston Street, the main street of the city, and give a truly good view {of the city]. RMIT is just like a part of the city, and the design and style of the buildings are just fascinating. I think that represents the open and energetic characteristic of RMIT. I’m more intrigued with a university with young heart other than some normal-style campus.’

My first week

‘When coming to a whole new place, the beginning is always the hardest part. It took me some time to find the right building and classroom to go to at first, and I felt a little bit lonely and out of control. But when everything settled in a certain pace, it began to seem okay – just relax and don’t worry so much. I fitted in without a lot of trouble or effort, maybe because I’m always willing to communicate with others. My only suggestion is be optimistic and enjoy the life’

My campus

‘I’m now studying in the city campus of RMIT. It’s a great place with fairly easy transportation and good view of the whole city. Every RMIT building has astonishing style and bright colors, easily visible throughout Melbourne. Building 80 is the business building, and also the one with most marvelous design and facility. The cafes located there are great. Building 100 is the newly-built design hub, mainly used as an art gallery. This whole building is decorated with round, translucent panels. All the architects behind the RMIT Buildings, while thinking of the overall appearance, also concentrated on their sustainable abilities. Most of my classes are in Building 8, because the 8th floor is mainly used for construction, property and project management students. On the 5th floor is our school library and the below floors belong to the student union. I think it is a fairly cozy place.’

My city

‘Melbourne is a multicultural city which means you can always meet people from another part of the world, which is truly different from where I come from. It has a free and mutually-respected atmosphere for every international student to enjoy their life and express their feelings. Being an international student here where you’re exchanging cultures from other people, means you can always learn new things and that’s interesting. The local people here are warm and friendly, when facing problems, like losing your way, missing the tram etc. It is always the best option to ask them. Melbourne is a combination of different cultures. You can always find some very authentic foreign eateries or restaurants with a perfect mixture of different styles. Whether walking in the valleys or on the streets, there are lots of amazing places waiting for you.’

My study space

‘I have one or two classes every day such as lectures, tutorials or workshops. It is a wise choice to combine these types of classes together as they give us a deep understanding about the subjects we are actually learning. I am now studying construction management because I want to find a job in the real estate area in the future. I believe this program will definitely benefit my future career choice. Everything I am learning right now has something to do with construction areas. This program for RMIT is actually preparing for my future career. Most of the time, I’d like to stay at home when previewing or reviewing the classes; it’s quieter in my room. But when the submission date is approaching and I have lots of assignments to write and lots of group meetings, I like to stay in the library; it’s better for me to concentrate and browse for resources. The study load is alright for me.’

My social life

‘During my free time, my friends and I usually choose to walk around, maybe visit some museums or gardens, go to the movies together and explore new places to eat. Sometimes we’ll just spend a whole afternoon in a café; the coffee and chocolate in Melbourne are really good. When we really can’t come up with something interesting to do, wandering around the city is also a good choice because you’ll always find some interesting place. Making friends may be a huge problem for lots of newly-arrived international students. Actually, it is not that hard; simply have a little more chit-chat with your classmates or your group members, and you will surely get some friends very soon. I joined in a mentoring program in RMIT called “Making Connections”; this program organizes different events and activities from to time, aiming to let the international students become more familiar with Melbourne and make more friends. Now after two semesters, I have taken the responsibility as a mentor to lead a group of international students.’

My home

"‘I used to live in a homestay family in the suburbs which was arranged by the RMIT accommodation
system. The host family are locals and they helped me to settle down in Melbourne. It is a good chance to practice English while in a homestay family; through the conversations you can acquire lots of interesting facts about Melbourne, including good places to go and cultural differences. The family were truly nice and warm; I had a good time there. Now I have moved out into an apartment near RMIT, which is easier for me to go to classes every day. It is a newly built apartment; everything is brand new and tidy. I’m now living alone, so the apartment I chose can only be described as a studio, but it is still spacious for one girl – I enjoy living here. The only advice I have for students who decide to live outside of the university is don’t forget to pay the bills on time!’"

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Applied and Pure Sciences
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Creative Arts and Design
Creative Arts and Design
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Business and Management
Business and Management
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Computer Science and IT
Computer Science and IT
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Travel and Hospitality
Travel and Hospitality
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Here's what Indian students are saying about their experience at RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University).

What Indian students say

When asked, 100% of reviewers recommend RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)

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Jatin, India 5

environmental science studies

It is quite good here as the university is located in the heart of the city so it is easy to access to everything around the city. I would advice the students to come here as this is one of the best Universities around w read full review
Kurian, India 4

it is a great experience

The experience in this university is good because of the faculty, staffs and the students as they are very friendly. The support service called “MATE” in RMIT also helped us to adjust in the university and find a lot of read full review
Joe, India 4

a new beginning

The university is a wonderful experience for me and there is always something new happening everyday which is fascinating. I would highly recommend the university to the future students as they will have the best time of read full review
Prashanth, India 5


I just joined college and I am really enjoying out here. Australia is a fun place especially Melbourne.

Keerthi Kalyana, India 5

units should have more option

The student life in Melbourne is good, i have enjoyed it. My advice to the prospective students would be that it's good to do a basic investigation by yourself regarding the uni/college you are planning to join rather th read full review
Nisha, India 3


My life here is good. A word of advice to the students would be to keep their eyes open to change and to socialise without any restriction to get the most out of your time here.

Boby, India 3

part time work and studies

Yes, i am enjoying my time here. I am so happy to stay here with my girlfriend in this beautiful city. My advice would be - atudy as you can and enjoy your life to the full. Also do some part time job to help you enjoy y read full review
Ganesh Naik, India 4

"wonderful life"

I enjoyed my university experience a lot. It was good to be in a multicultural environment and meet different people. My advice for students is that the admission criteria are very high so you have to be very good to get read full review
Sridhar, India 4

valuable time of my life

I recently finished my studies and I must say that I really had a good experience and I enjoyed my experience here at RMIT. My advice for future students is that if you really want to do a PhD in the future then you real read full review
Madan Kumar, India 5

Its the best part

The experience as a student at RMIT has been good, i am enjoying it here. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University is recognised all over the world, so think about it.

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24 Jan 2018

VIEC Australian Education Fair

Ahmedabad, India

Hotel Fortune Landmark, Usmanpura, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Wednesday 24 Jan 18 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM

We’re excited to invite you to meet Prabali Mazumdar, Abhishek Tulsian and Manisha Aggarwal in India to discuss the many opportunities awaiting you at RMIT University.

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24 Jan 2018

IDP Australian Education Fair

Kolkata, India

The Park, 17, Park Street, Kolkata

Wednesday 24 Jan 18 11:00 AM - 04:00 PM

We’re excited to invite you to meet Prabali Mazumdar, Abhishek Tulsian and Manisha Aggarwal in India to discuss the many opportunities awaiting you at RMIT University.

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