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International Scholarships for Indian Students who want to study abroad

Are you looking for overseas graduate scholarships, undergraduate scholarships, or MBA scholarships? We’ve got you covered. Search over 5853 study abroad scholarships in 15 popular study destinations.

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Average scholarship: 5,038.00
Total scholarships: 5853

Study abroad scholarships

A major hurdle that stops Indian students from studying abroad is the expenses involved. From the cost of visa tickets to living costs and tuition fees – the list might feel daunting. But we are here to assure you that there are ways to lighten this load.

Different ways to fund your studies abroad include educational loans, sponsor support and scholarships. The best of these options is study-abroad scholarships. Hundreds of Indian students study abroad with scholarships every year.

Why scholarships?

  • It eases your financial burden.
  • You don’t have to worry about paying it back.
  • You can study expensive courses covered by scholarships.
  • A scholarship adds immense value to your resume.

How to get scholarships to study abroad?

Often scholarships are awarded to meritorious students, students that demonstrate outstanding potential in a particular field of study, or students who are good at extra-curricular activities including sports. Our counsellors can help you apply for the right scholarships.

Here are 3 ways to find suitable scholarships to study abroad for Indian students.

  • Prospectus: A great source for information about courses and scholarships offered by institutions.
  • Get Free Advice: Our counsellors have the latest updates to offer personal advice on scholarships and other funding options.
  • Contact institution: Get in touch with top universities directly to enquire about courses, requirements and financial support.
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