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Ashwin Sriram
17 Aug 2015 7K 1 min Share

Prepare to go

Need help with your travel plans? As you prepare to travel abroad, we can tell you the list of things you absolutely need to pack for your long stay overseas.

17 Aug 2015 7K 1 min Share
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You are now ready to go abroad and commence your studies. You have already looked into your accommodation options. The next step is to figure out what to pack. Packing is all about deciding on the essentials. The ideal way to move is to travel light. We can help you decide on what to pack and what not to. Read all our tips on how to pack; so you know just what to shop for.

Once you’ve figured out what to pack, you can look into the specifics of opening a bank account abroad. It is recommended that you open a local bank account as soon as you land there. There are plenty of advantages to having a local bank account and we will help you pick the right one.

The other big question on your mind is concerning job prospects post graduation. We understand how important it is to find work once you are done with your studies abroad. You want to be able to pay off those student loans you took. It’s always good to review your job prospects before you head there.

Every country has different rules concerning work visa. We will tell you how to spice up your resume and apply for jobs abroad. With us guiding you through the whole process, you will be all set to board that flight in no time at all.

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