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Tips to prepare for studying abroad
Ashwin Sriram

Ashwin Sriram, a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, has been a part of the journalism circuit for nearly five years. He is a fan of the conversational writing style and loves exploring good human-interest stories from around the world. In his free time, he is often found travelling, reading, writing or meditating.


30 Sep 2022 8.5K Book icon 4 mins Share

Prepare to go

Need help with your travel plans? As you prepare to travel abroad, we can tell you the list of things you absolutely need to pack for your long stay overseas.

30 Sep 2022 8.5K Book icon 4 mins Share
Tips to prepare for studying abroad

What’s covered in this article?

Things to do as you prepare for your journey abroad

  • 1. Prepare yourself mentally
  • 2. Research the location in detail
  • 3. Check the weather
  • 4. Visit the doctor
  • 5. Decide how you’ll manage the finances
  • 6. Research student communities
  • 7. Make copies of documents

Checklist to guide you as you prepare to go abroad

You are now ready to go abroad and commence your studies. You might have had several people guiding you up to this stage. What next? Are you ready for the big move? Here are some quick tips to prepare you for the journey abroad and a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything as you pack.

Pre-packing: Things to do as you prepare for your journey abroad

Once you get your admission letter, it is time to apply for a visa and then get a ticket to your study destination. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for the journey abroad.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

If you are not used to staying away from home, moving to a new country could be challenging. You have to handle everything on your own while also fighting homesickness. Cultural shock can also add to your concerns. So it is important to prepare yourself for the challenges that come your way. You have made a big decision by choosing to study abroad. You have already won most of the battle by successfully getting admission to a foreign university. Try positive, self-affirmations if you feel stressed.

Thousands of students have successfully managed to complete their studies abroad. So can you!

2. Research the location in detail

Is your university located in a city or the countryside? Are there Indian restaurants in that area? Are Indian condiments available in their markets? What is the mode of transport preferred by students? Do people get to enjoy nightlife? There are a large number of questions you can ask based on your preferences. Any information about your study location will be very useful for you.

  • Do a bit of research about cultural sensitivities.
  • It would be interesting to understand some slang terms used in that area.
  • Learning about the phone plans in that area will also be helpful to avoid surprises.

3. Check the weather

Imagine experiencing a tropical climate throughout your life, and then suddenly getting exposed to minus zero temperatures! It is difficult to get acclimatized to the weather extremes. So, you must be prepared to face it. Read up about the weather and how people in the destination prepare for the same.

4. Visit the doctor

You should be in your best health during your travel. It is good to consult a doctor once and understand what you should be prepared for. Take any vaccines if necessary and do a blood check to rule out any diseases. On the whole, just stay alert and safe in the new country.

5. Decide how you’ll manage the finances

Even though you might have already submitted the proof of finances to manage the expenses involved, it is always better to have a financial plan. Have a budget in place and track your expenses. This is also a point where you can research part-time work options. Connect with alumni students and understand how they did it.

6. Research student communities

One of the best ways to tackle your homesickness would be to connect with peers from India. All study-abroad destinations will have student communities. For places like the USA and the UK, Indian students make up the second highest number of international students in the country. So it won’t be difficult for you to find students from India and even your own state. For example, there are several student communities in Australia, some of which are specific to Indian students.

Joining the Facebook groups of international students or support groups for international students can also come in very handy. 

7. Make copies of documents

It is important to stay organized. You will have multiple documents with you and you just can’t afford to lose any. Hence it is best to make copies of it and also have a saved soft copy.

Checklist as you prepare to go abroad

Once you prepare for the big move, the next question is - what to pack when going abroad. Here's a checklist covering the basic questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have the file with all the documents?
  2. Do you have the passport and ticket ready?
  3. Have you got the clearance from your doctor?
  4. Have you got health insurance in order?
  5. Do you have your important medicines packed?
  6. Have you written down the phone number of your immediate contacts?

Have you figured out what else to pack? Packing is all about deciding on the essentials. The ideal way to move is to travel light. We can help you decide on what to pack and what not to. Read all our tips on how to pack; so, you know just what to shop for.

Once you’ve figured out what to pack, you can look into the specifics of opening a bank account abroad. It is recommended that you open a local bank account as soon as you land there. There are plenty of advantages to having a local bank account and we will help you pick the right one.

The other big question on your mind is concerning job prospects post-graduation. We understand how important it is to find work once you are done with your studies abroad. You want to be able to pay off those student loans you took. It’s always good to review your job prospects before you head there.

FAQs on how to prepare for your study abroad journey

When should you start preparing if you want to study abroad?

It is advisable to start thinking about your study abroad plans at least a year or more ahead. The study abroad process can be long. So you need some buffer time to accommodate any unexpected hurdles.

How do I mentally prepare myself to study abroad?

The more information you have, the more at ease will you feel. Research about the destination, connect with current students, speak to alumni students, get used to doing all your chores on your own, and focus on having the best health possible. Remembering that lakhs of Indian students have successfully done it, will put you at ease.

What is the process of studying abroad?

The basic process of studying abroad involves the following steps:

  • Researching different study destinations and course options
  • Checking the entry requirements and attempting any entrance tests if necessary
  • Finalising some institutions and sending in your applications
  • Upon getting admission - apply for a visa
  • Get your flight ticket to your dream destination

Our study-abroad experts can guide you through all these processes for free!

How much money is required to study abroad?

The cost involved in studying abroad varies based on the destination, study level, and course. Apart from tuition fees, your yearly living expenses will be around 7 lakhs per year in the USA, 9 lakhs in the UK (12 lakhs in London), 12 lakhs in Australia and 6 lakhs in Canada. Do check out our article detailing the cost of studying abroad at each destination

Before you leave - every country has different rules concerning work visas. We will tell you how to spice up your resume and apply for jobs abroad. With us guiding you through the whole process, you will be all set to board that flight in no time at all.

Looking to study abroad?

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