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Ashwin Sriram
19 Feb 2016 6.4K 2 mins Share

How to get in touch with Indian students studying abroad

It is always good to have friends in a foreign land. Connect with Indians abroad using a variety of online forums and services.

19 Feb 2016 6.4K 2 mins Share
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About to embark on your first study abroad adventure very soon? Give yourself a pat on the back for having come this far! Yet thinking of the long road ahead, leaves you feeling a wee bit woozy, doesn’t it? True, you will be studying and living abroad as an independent individual, but who says you’re alone? Thousands of Indian students make their way abroad to pursue higher studies in all kinds of subject areas every year, so why not get in touch with them to see what tips they have to help beat away your study-abroad-blues! After all, who understands you better than your fellow Indian friends, who were once upon an-academic-year-or-two-ago, in your shoes?

Here are a few ways to get connected…

Where to Start?

When you use our services to study abroad, you instantly become a part of our student social network. You can use our online forums to connect with a lot of Indian students abroad.
To allow you to make friends before you even land there, we will hook you up to Facebook groups, where other Indian students will help you understand the nuances of Uni life.

You can search through student communities and unions online and pore over data based on nationality, batches and interests.

Making New Friends

Talk to your Uni guides and let them help you get in touch with other Indian students there.

You could additionally ask them to give you contacts to the alumni network made up of former Indian students, who have already graduated from the University. It is possible that one of them lives in India, post graduation, and you could connect with that person.

If possible get access to student newsletters or magazines and see if there are community-specific articles. Review the Uni website and scout for any Indian student names on the batch list. 

Help is a Call Away

Student unions have a support team that is designed to offer various kinds of assistance to international students just like you, so don’t hesitate to approach them.

A lot of Universities encourage cultural activities based on the ethnic diversity available in the campus and you could simply request for their Indian students’ contact details.

Advantages of Getting to Know Indians Abroad

  • They understand cultural sensibilities and familiarities and can prepare you for culture shock.
  • You can count on them to lead you to all things Indian — be it a grocery store with masala or spices or a restaurant.
  • They are likely to speak your language and subsequently help you understand the Uni culture better.
  • They could be your first friends in a foreign land.
  • They could hook you up with Indian cultural and recreational groups — such as a cricket fan club or even an Indian dance recital.
  • They can help you find the best calling card, which you can use to talk to your family and friends in India. VoipFibre, Trueroots and Pingo are just some of the India-friendly calling cards available at the moment.

Online Connections

Do not, however, limit yourself to only contacts within your Uni. You can easily connect with NRIs and other Indians living in that region, by looking into expat circles or even linking up with your embassy abroad.

Look into networking sites like Abroad Indians for some useful connections.

Why it Matters

Be proactive. Get busy. Networking is everything in today’s era of globalisation -- so stay connected and stay ahead, with your international education experience. Using your contacts and being resourceful will help you establish connections with Indians abroad. Getting valuable inputs from Indians abroad could help you settle into your study destination. Follow our guidelines and suggestions and get connected with Indians abroad.

Have any more tips on how to stay connected with the Indian student circle when abroad? Feel free to drop in a line or two; we would absolutely love to hear from you!

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