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Mahesh Ramani
03 Dec 2014 235 2 mins Share

Why You should not Study Abroad with Your Friends!

This article examines some points that support the view that you should not latch on to a course abroad along with your existing friends.

03 Dec 2014 235 2 mins Share
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It is time to bid goodbye to your friends who have been along with you for so long from your school-days. It is time to move on to a new country and become part of a new student-culture; this article examines some points that support the view that you should not latch on to a course abroad along with your existing friends.

To explore new lands, you have to leave known shores!

Your friends may try to convince you to stay back and study with them in a course that they wish to study! Remember - it is your life, your goals and your dreams that you need to achieve. If you get admission in a course of your choice abroad and have the financial means to support your decision; look no further - go ahead!

Familiarity breeds contempt!

Same faces, same people and same friends - don’t you think life will become too predictable and boring if you hang out with the same bunch of people right from school through college! Now if they are going to join you along your academic path in a foreign land, at one point or the other you are going to get frustrated.


When you begin to live abroad on your own, away from the company of your family and friends; you gain confidence and learn to do things on your own. In short you become independent and learn to take decisions on your own. Most students who return to India after completing their studies abroad say that the experience of studying abroad taught them to be strong, courageous and cheerful.

Living in an international student community

When you live in an international student community, you meet interesting people from different cultural and economic backgrounds. You make friends and meet people with similar interests. American institutions offer various student organizations that cater to the tastes of students in the form of student clubs. These clubs promote hobbies ranging from photography to movies and cooking to philately. Community living also fosters friendship and creates friendships that last a life-time.

Evolving as a person

You evolve as a person as you meet new people and come into contact with people from different cultures and learn to live on your own. The first couple of weeks may prove to be a bit tiring and you may even contemplate rushing back to the comfort of your family. But remember - ‘Fortune favours the brave’. You will realise what your strengths and weaknesses are and learn to rectify your weaknesses and build on your strengths. So persevere, study with passion, ambition and dedication and go ahead and complete your studies. Let not the sacrifices that your family make for you - go in vain. A good academic score will help you secure a good job or help you go onto progress for doctoral studies or research.


It is true that good friends are hard to find but in today’s internet-dominated world when friends and family are just a click away; we can always be in touch and keep ourselves updated about what our friends are doing. So remember don’t blindly listen to your friends and join a course just to keep them company. Listen to your mind and follow your own dream to carve out your personal success-story! So bid your friends goodbye and start looking for the perfect course abroad!
Do share your thoughts below on how friends impact your decision on studying abroad.
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