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Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


27 Jan 2015 61.4K Book icon 3 mins Share

How to choose the right course

Using our search tool, students can find a course abroad based on their preferences. You can find a course based on your budget and academic qualifications.

27 Jan 2015 61.4K Book icon 3 mins Share
Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


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How to choose the right course

Most youngsters who are at the threshold of higher education are undecided on which subject to choose. In every class and every school there will be a couple of kids who would be focused on their ambitions. Their parents nurture their child’s ambition consistently. So you might have your class five school-mate who always wanted to be a cardiologist and he would unflinchingly focus on his goal and end up in medical school! Not everyone is as lucky as that; a lot of students struggle to find direction in what they wish to study. Engineering, Medicine, Life Sciences, Humanities and Performing Arts; the options are many.

So how do you as a student, who definitely wants to go abroad to study, decide which course to pick?

Listen to your Heart

Do not follow your friends blindly; or just let your parents or guardians decide what you should study! Listen to your heart and sit with your parents and convince them why you would rather study Music or Animation instead of labouring away with Mathematics and Physics and studying a full-time Engineering course.


Students of this generation are lucky that they have access to high-speed internet and have information readily available at their finger-tips. 

Using our search technology and interactive tools, we will help you find a course based on your academic qualifications, test scores, specific interests and requirements. Our unique search tool will allow us to match your grades, budget, preferred study destination and course and English language skills to produce a tailored set of results.

Look at the impressive list of institutions and courses listed and find a course and institution that matches your requirements and your budget.

Are you overwhelmed by the choices on offer? Please get in touch with our academic advisors who will guide you for free.

Multiple Institutions

It is always a safer and wiser option to apply to at least three different institutions to avoid last-minute disappointments. There are possibilities that if you apply to just one institution your application may get rejected, or you are offered an alternate course instead of the one that you originally chose. Remember ‘there is safety in numbers’. Apply to multiple institutions; if you meet the eligibility requirements stipulated by the institution; you have a good chance of getting the course of your choice.

Entry Requirements

Each course has a specific set of entry requirements; this includes expertise and knowledge in the subject that you plan to study; and your English language skills. Visit institution websites to verify the latest entry requirements and ensure that you meet all the prescribed entry requirements.

Application Deadlines

Most institutions now offer students the chance to complete and submit their admission application forms online itself. This is convenient and gets the task done quickly. Some institutions require students to print out the completed application form and send it to the institution through courier with the required documents. Ensure that you send the application form well before the deadline date. Last-minute submission of forms is bound to cause problems; avoid it at all costs!

Career Options

Eventually, the course that you study should help you secure a relevant job. Try your best to find a course that suits your tastes and skills and can also assure you of a job once you graduate. Learn to multi-task and cultivate hobbies; learning a new foreign language like Japanese or Korean is a great thing to do. Translators and interpreters of foreign languages are always in high demand. To keep it simple; always have a back-up plan!


The times are definitely changing; there was a time when an engineering degree was sure to secure students a well-paying job. Today, with cut-throat competition and the growth of the IT and BPO industry; some degrees have become just degrees in name. A mechanical engineer may lead a project management team as efficiently as an MBA-graduate. An IT engineer and an English Literature graduate may both end up doing technical writing. Therefore don’t limit yourself to just the regular study-options; dream big, think, analyze and finally choose the course that gives you happiness!

Now that you have gone through the various points that are crucial in selecting the right course; take some time to explore your course options using our smart search tool. If you need help or advice do not hesitate to call our academic advisors.

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