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25 Jan 2018 45.2K 2 mins Share

Sample SOPs for your abroad studies

Here you'll find some sample statement of purposes on Engineering, MBA and MS programmes, for your abroad studies

25 Jan 2018 45.2K 2 mins Share
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Sample SOPs for abroad studies

SOP stands for statement of purpose, as you know, and it’s not an easy task to create one from scratch. When applying for your studies abroad, all you are worried of is getting a good offer from a reputable institution, but you may not realise what goes at the admissions office when they receive your applications. The very first thing that attracts the admissions team to your profile is your SOP. Hence, it has to be on your priority list to draft a powerful SOP.

Getting ready an incisive SOP is going to take some time, probably weeks or months. But writing an SOP without following any guidelines is not going to help because the majority of SOP rejections happens when those don’t comply with a standard format.

Sample SOPs for various study programmes

1. The below sample SOPs will help students looking for graduate studies in engineering abroad

2. The below sample is for students looking for MBA admissions abroad

3. The below SOPs have been written by students willing to study medicine abroad.

4. The below SOPs have been written by two students who want to go abroad for their MS degrees.

Some pointers that are often missed while drafting an SOP:

  1. Every SOP must have an introduction, body and a conclusion. These three parts need to be clearly defined with necessary information.
  2. Font style and size are vital while drafting an SOP. These pointers, however small they may be, are often missed or not followed by students while drafting SOPs.
  3. Do not repeat the information in your SOP. Also if you have mentioned something in your resume, please do not copy-paste or repeat it in your SOP. Let the information in your resume be distinct from that in your SOP.
  4. Keep editing and rewriting, till the last date you send it across. The more you edit, the better your work becomes. If you are running out of words, let the draft sit in one corner for few days, and then get back to it with a fresh mind.
  5. Most importantly, never copy anyone’s SOP and pass it on as your own. There are tools that can catch plagiarism, which is a serious offence.

These are some suggestions that may help you draft your SOP. [Please note: These are just templates, to help you gain an idea on how to draft SOPs for different programmes. Please do not copy any of the templates for your personal use.]

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