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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
11 Aug 2015 256 2 mins Share

Student Union - How to Benefit from It ?

Want to know about benefits of Student Union, this article provides the in depth advantages of student union.

11 Aug 2015 256 2 mins Share

University life could come off as a daunting experience when you enter a foreign country and don’t know anyone around. It is important that you feel at home and are in a good mind set to be able to perform well academically. This is where student unions come to your rescue. Student unions will provide you with myriad ways to turn your student experience into an exciting and enjoyable one.  

What is it?

A student union represents the student body of the university and has a high influence on decisions taken that may affect the students. It runs numerous clubs, holds various events, and offers various kinds of assistance to its students. 
Let’s have a look at what these student unions generally offer.

Join a Club?

Student unions generally run even close to a hundred clubs exclusively for its students on theatre, film, music, political interests, cultural interests, academic interests, and other such general interests and views. 
Here are a few examples of some interesting clubs you may find at the university you register in: 
Indian Students Club, Anime Fan Club, Music Club, Arts Society, Photographers Society, International Student Association, Arts Society, Astronomy Society, Engineering Society and such; name your area of interest and you are bound to stumble upon something you like!  

Help In All Forms 

Universities generally offer student advocacy services to address various issues that could be academic, welfare, or administration related. Some of the issues that they may assist you with are personal problems, issues related to assessment of marks, grievances or complaints, appeals, and academic issues.
Starting from helping you understand complex university procedures and policies to lending you a helping hand with formal letter-drafting, student unions come with you all the way. 
Here are a few advocacy services that are generally available.
• Helping you draft an appeal letter, show cause letter, grievance letter, and other such important letters
• Sorting out course-related issues with the professor
• Aid with reassessment or marks in case you feel the need for one
• Offering information about all the services available at the university and help you get help from bodies outside the university, if necessary
• Hearing out your issues and offering unbiased advice and appropriate solutions

Law and Order!

Student unions also help out with legal issues with experienced, qualified lawyers. Legal services may include advice on legal matters, case work, issues with document certification, employment, consumer problems, and witnessing legal documents.  
When things start to fall out of place, don’t think twice to avail student union services when you are looking for quality help. Enrol in the clubs that you’re interested in and make friendships that could last a lifetime!  They don’t say ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ without reason; balance out your university life and make the best of it. 
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