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04 May 2017 426 2 mins Share

Indian students prefer online study abroad counselling over face-to-face counselling: poll talk!

Hotcourses India’s recent online poll revealed that a significant number of Indian students are opting for virtual [online] study abroad counselling and application assistance.

04 May 2017 426 2 mins Share
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Indian students prefer online study abroad counselling

Hotcourses India, an IDP company since January 2017, recently conducted an online poll targeting Indian students, who are looking for study abroad assistance and guidance on their website, asking them about their preferred mode of study abroad counselling.

The students’ responses were overwhelming, with 73 per cent saying that they prefer online overseas education counselling and application assistance whereas only 27 per cent prefer face-to-face [in-person] counselling.

These pleasing responses from the students indicate that the online market for study abroad counselling is a clear winner over the traditional face-to-face counselling and might see higher demands in a few years' time.

Most students reaching the company’s website make use of their range of online services, such as ‘ultimate search', which helps in matching students' profiles against a list of numerous courses and universities abroad; personalised ‘study abroad plan’; 'IELTS practice test', comprising the Reading and Listening modules; 'visa assistance', along with mock interview preparations and 'SOP/LOR assistance'.

Hotcourses India has been in the education industry for the past 21 years. It has grown steadily and helped in nurturing the dreams of several students. In 2016, the company's online study abroad services contributed a whopping 95 per cent of their student enrolments; yet once again showing the reach of virtual counselling and establishing themselves as a number one consultancy.

Besides, the company has launched a chatbota profile evaluation tool that helps in easing the evaluation process of students’ profiles. This automation helps in giving real-time experience to the users and registering instant responses that are further conveyed to the counselling team in a short time.

Priyatham Rajagopalan, Chief Operating Officer of Hotcourses India, said: “We care about students and are constantly looking for ways to improve our services for them. Our new chatbot feature, for instance, gives us a quick insight into what students want and where they stand in the matter of a few minutes. All our services, as much as this one, have been created for and tailored to students’ needs. We know what works best for international admissions, given our experience in the international education industry. What the students need to do is reach out to us and our counsellors can take it from there.

So which services did you use earlier or would want to use now on Hotcourses India’s website? Speak to our advisors to know more about our online reach and the number of study abroad services we have on offer for you (or login on our website). Get counselled by our study abroad experts and study at top universities abroad.

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