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19 Dec 2017 1.9K 2 mins Share

More number of Indian students at Canadian B-schools: News

There is an increase in the number of students at Canadian B-schools, this year

19 Dec 2017 1.9K 2 mins Share
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This year, Canada’s B-schools are all enjoying the high number of Indian students, besides enjoying the heavy snowfall, pouring in to their institutes. Though it’s freezing cold out there, Indian students are still heading to the country year after year. The B-schools in Canada have reported an increase in 20­–30% of MBA students, this year. 

At the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, the 2019 batch comprises 350 MBA students in the class, of which 56 are from India. At Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business in Montreal, there is a 30% increase in applications, in fall 2017, from India. Also, 51% of the applications to the full-time MBA programmes at the Alberta School of Business in Edmonton are from India.

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University of Toronto’s vice president, Ted Sargent, said: “Canada is seen more as a mosaic than a melting pot international. During this time, when other countries have an inward-looking approach, Canada has gone a different route with the Canadian prime Minister talking about increasing immigration quota for the best in the world.” 

Possible explanations for the increase in number of students at the B-schools are the Canadian express entry system and restricted US visa policies. While the express entry system in Canada has boosted the morale of many students, helping them stay back in the country after their postgraduation studies; the visa restrictions in the USA have made it slightly tough for some students to think of making an entry to the country.

But there is still a promising number of students moving to the USA, as we have seen. Indian students seem to never give up on their dream of gaining an American education. They are moving to the country every year and choosing some of the finest universities for their studies. At the same time, many students have been choosing Canada more than ever, as their study destination.

According to Christopher Lynch, a senior director at the Alberta School of Business, said: “India is a very important market for Canadian MBA programmes. India is the first- or second-largest international market, China being the other. Some students who had traditionally only considered US or UK schools are now strongly considering Canada. We have seen this as over 50% of our applications are from Indian students and we are seeing students specifically mention Canada’s visa rules and multicultural society as reasons they are applying to Canadian schools."

Michael Wright, associate dean of graduate programmes at Haskayne School of Business, said: “India is the single biggest country of origin for our international students in the daytime MBA programme and Indian students make up approximately 60-70% of our international MBA students. Their background is typically in engineering or IT. Since 2016, Haskayne accepts students with three-year business degrees from accredited universities in India."

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Reference: The Economic Times

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