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Leona Sharon
14 Aug 2015 53 2 mins Share

How To Prepare for Final Examinations with Confidence

Is exam phobia getting the better of you? Don't let it- here's how to ace those finals without losing your cool.

14 Aug 2015 53 2 mins Share
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Are you a couple of months away from your final examinations? If it’s so, you must be panicking, right? Your mind seems to be gradually clogging with negative thoughts out of tension and your will-power is gradually diminishing. Well, if these keep knocking you every time before your final exams, you need to be wise and strong so that you don’t end up creating a mess in the midst of your examination.

Remember, you need to keep in mind all your answers, complete 10 to 15 chapters for each subject, revise all your lessons you have been preparing throughout the year and produce everything with perfection in your answer sheet. Well, there is nothing to worry. Rather, you must relax and bring positive ideas in your mind so that you can head to your examination center with confidence.

So, here are some wise suggestions that can help you sustain mental peace and refresh your mind with positive thoughts. Let’s take a look in this blog :

·        Focus on chapters carrying weight – Of course, you will have to cover a massive syllabus comprising almost 15 chapters per subject. However, it’s true that there will be specific chapters from where the majority of questions will be set. So, first concentrate on those chapters which will rather help you cover the major sections for every subject.

·        Attend classes covering complex topics – Sometimes, a class instructor explains a complex chapter in such a manner that it hardly takes time for you to grasp it with ease. If you have time, you can call or meet your teacher personally so that he/she can sort all your queries. In fact, you will start feeling better and confident if you hear some inspirational words from your instructor.

·        Start reviewing the class notes – Make a schedule with determination that you will spend at least an hour for analyzing your class notes. Make sure that the notes cover the key areas from where a good number of questions might be set. It’s better if you can go through the notes at the end so that you will have a fair idea whether you have covered all the major sections in your curriculum.

·        Form study groups – Forming study groups often work wonders in letting you prepare your lessons. However, you need to ensure that your group discussion must not switch over to any irrelevant topic and therefore result in failure. So, what you can do is highlight specific areas in your study notes which you will discuss and nothing else. This will keep you focused and you might start completing lessons in time.

·        Chalk out a study schedule – There are many who initially prepare study schedules but gradually keeps diverting from them. The schedule you will be preparing must help you in finishing your lessons timely. So, the most important thing is to stick to it and keep checking whether you are progressing or not.

·        Do not hamper your sleep – If you are determined to score high in exams, you must be mentally strong. A human brain works only when it is allowed to rest a while. So, you must have quality sleep which will wipe off all your stress and anxiety. This will surely help you recall your answers with confidence thereby making you score high in each subject.

So, just be confident, say no to tension and keep preparing your lessons with time. Believe me, you are bound to come out with flying colors. Good luck!!

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Leona Sharon here provides a list of wise suggestions that can help students prepare for their final examinations. She also takes pleasure in guiding students who are planning to enroll in courses by distance. In this age, the distance courses have evolved a lot thanks to the Internet.


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