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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 51 3 mins Share

Tring Tring- The Number That Changed Barshana’s Life Around!

Barshana's study abroad dreams seemed to have shattered over time. Yet we picked up all the broken pieces and helped here realize it's never too late!

14 Aug 2015 51 3 mins Share

Barshana Ahamedgani heaved a sigh of disappointment- it was just another day for her at work as she sat there dreaming of what could have been. Four years of work – and still all she could think of was doing an MS!  And it suddenly started to dawn on her bright and clear that her USA study dream was going to be ..well…just that…a distant dream…unless she DID something about it. 

And that’s exactly what she did…taking her phone in her hand-dialled-1-800-103-9634! That’s right- she reached out to US! 

A few details to paint you a clear picture here…

Once upon an academic year…

Our counselor, Subhashini starts the story, “ Barshana was a very smart and brave girl. She completed her B.Tech in Information Technology at Mookambigai College of Engineering – Anna University with a 3.9 CGPA, and had been working as Programmer Analyst in Cognizant Technology Solutions for four years. She’d  handled many projects and received lots of awards at her work place. “

What she WANTED to be doing

  Study MS Computer Science at Wright State University, the USA

*Ok so -technically, she never physically walked into our office but our dynamic team of counselors did not let that hold them back and  gave her all the counseling and help she needed virtually- plus since she worked shift timings, we had to ensure we made calls at timings convenient for her. 

So-What Went Missing?

When Barshana chatted up with us, we noticed how her confidence levels seemed to be dangerously low when it came to visualizing her future plan, her return plan to India, or the reason why she chose the university. She also seemed down when it came to discussing her financial background.

Plus- on top of all this-we sensed that her family members and even her friends did not share the same American vision that she had. We could tell that they were not being very supportive- and pulling her down emotionally.


How We Broke Her Fall!

So here’s what we did to fill in all the missing gaps…

Step 1: 

First came our counseling sessions where we helped her find motivation to overcome all obstacles in her path. This was all that we needed to do…a slight nudge in the right direction..and she took it well from there and  had her parents convinced that this in fact was what was best for her- in no  time! 

 We then advised her how to prep her finance papers the right way to avoid the VO from probing and firing away too many questions. We left no stone unturned here until we knew we had looked at this from every angle possible for Barshana to get a clear view of her financial situation and how to portray it right.

Step 2:

Next in line for Barshana  were not one or two…but SIX mock interviews. (Trust us- the more the better here)
•    Three from  our Delhi office ( two over the phone and one via video call)
•    Three from our Chennai office ( over the phone mostly at late night as the student was on shift)


What happened here was…she was provided a set of questions initially and given a much needed period of two weeks to prep for them. And that she did- quite well too! 

Step 3:

And as the finale… personality development. We taught her how to carry herself- in terms of communication, accent, appearance….


Step 4:

And next- an excited Barshana narrates the rest of the student tale for you… 

VO: Good morning Ma’am
Me: Good morning sir

VO: Where are you going?
Me:(Didn't hear him- busy placing my documents) Sorry sir could you please repeat?

VO: Where are you going?
Me: Wright state university

VO: Ohh WSU achaaa! Why this university?
Me: (Slightly uneasy & mentally picking out the best points to mention ) WSU has built a national reputation in research. The research that is ongoing on extracting useful information from thousands of tweets matches my area of interest. And my current experience would be an added advantage.

VO: What is your area of interest?
Me: Database analysis (I spoke too much during my mock so restricted my tongue to respond the right amount)

VO: Where are you working?
Me: CTS (Cognizant technology Solutions ( Felt proud for a moment there :P )

VO: How many years of experience?
Me: Close to 4 (praying don’t ask me why MS now- please don’t ask.. please don’t ask)

VO: Who is sponsoring your education?
Me:  My parents 

VO: What they are
Me: My father is a business man

VO: What kind of business (almost lost my cool but somehow remained focused thanks to all the mock interviews)
Me: He owns a grocery shop

VO: Then your mother is a homemaker?
Me: She is a tailor & takes classes 

VO: Oh teaching tailoring?
Me: Yeah (oh no…heart pounding hard….is this answer going to cost me my future??!!)

VO: I’m approving your visa. Have a nice stay! 
Me: Thank you very much sir. You made my day (OMG- I had finally done it- I made sure I thanked him before I left)

It was the BEST FEELING ever- my visa approval done finally! I’m so grateful to Subhashini, my counselor for all the effort she had put in. 

Well- Barshana- we only did our job! Good work- we are so proud of you and wish you all the very best!

Having made yet another student’s study-abroad dream come true- we couldn’t be happier! Want to be the next one? Give us a call – we are here to help you reach your dream destination…

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