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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
16 Jun 2015 86 2 mins Share

What Madhu Shekar Did To Make His American Dream Come True

Madhu Shekar's Visa interview experience and his preparations to make his American dream come true

16 Jun 2015 86 2 mins Share

Much like the rest of the Indian student world (which is a pretty HUGEEEEEE one that just keeps getting bigger and bigger with every passing academic year), Madhu Shekar grew up with dreams of going to the US of A for higher studies. Why? International exposure, a world-class education, more practical knowledge…and we could go on for the rest of the day or even month-you get the idea.

Say Hello!

Here’s a little bit about him.

Madhu Shekar, a 2014 pass-out, with a B.E. (Civil) degree from Sri. Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore- came to us with experience as a Civil Project Engineer from a Bangalore-based company.

His two main projects:

  • Warehouse and office building for Kluber Lubrication India .PVT .LTD
  • Chocolate manufacturing building for Mondelez India Foods Limited, Formerly Cadbury India Ltd.

Having gained admission into the Masters in Construction Engineering Technology programme at Florida International University, Madhu was ALMOST all set for the USA. Well, almost. Dreading the Visa interview- he came to us at just the right time.

What’s Missing In The Picture?

Then, our counselors spent some time with him and identified his areas of improvement….

  • His reasons for studying in the USA
  • His future goals
  • His overall confidence level

Mocking it!

Madhu was then taken through seven mock interviews…three from our Delhi Office (two over the phone and 1 via video call) and four from our Chennai office ( three over the phone and one in our Chennai office).

So, in a nutshell-this is what went down…

  • We handed him a set of questions and gave him a three day-period to prep. Once the mock interview was done, we provided him feedback.  Post the feedback, more mock interviews were held to see how well he was incorporating the feedback.
  • Madhu learnt from us the technique to answer questions the right way to avoid having the Visa Officer probe for more. (Can be a tricky one guys!)
  • Advise was given on how to respond to any questions about financial documentation ( can be a deal breaker if not handled right)
  • Training was given on how to answer basic questions about his education, goals, and work experience

Making It!

At the end of all our long and hard prep, Madhu did us proud and answered all questions with a new-found confidence in his Visa interview. Here’s what happened in his words…

“Consulate - Chennai / Appointment - 2:30pm 

Room temperature - 40degree / My body temperature - Almost 100 degree  

Me :- ‘Afternoon officer!’ (With a nice fake smile) 

VO (Visa Officer) :- ‘Good afternoon! Pass me your passport and admit (with a warm smile). 

What course are you opting for?’

ME :- ‘MS in construction management.’  

VO :- ‘Do you have any work experience in this field !?’

ME :- ‘Yes, after my UG I (worked) for a well established construction project management consultancy based in Bangalore.’

VO :- ‘Great, which company is that?’

ME :- ‘AN Prakash Construction Project Management Consultancy.’

VO :- ‘Hmmm… what was your role?’

ME :- ‘I was looking after…two of their projects as an Assistant project manager …(for) Kluber Lubricant India Ltd, Mysore & Cadbury India Pvt Ltd.’ 

VO :-’Oh..(as in) the chocolate??’

ME :- ‘Yes!’

VO :- ‘Who’s funding, and how are you managing your funds?’ 

ME :- ‘My father (is); I also have 40 lakhs in liquid in his account and we have a property worth 6 crores in my home town , I have a CA statement…(that) says it all.’

VO :- ‘What is your father?’

ME :- ‘He’s an entrepreneur, runs a well established Construction Company back in my home town.’

VO :- ‘Well , what are your future plans?’

ME:- ‘After my masters, I would like to get back to India and enhance my skills in the field of construction (by working) for a few MNCs and then take over my dad’s business.’

VO:- ‘Perfect!! Your visa is approved!!’

ME :-’ Thank you… have a great day (Now with a real smile on my face)’ “

All’s well that ends well right? We are delighted to have made yet another student’s study-abroad dream come true! Want to be the next one? Give us a call – we’d be more than happy to guide you to your dream destination…

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