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Mahesh Ramani
05 Jun 2015 356 2 mins Share

A World of Possibilities at Southern Institute of Technology

Southern Institute of Technology offers students considering studying in New Zealand; a great environment to learn, grow and excel.

05 Jun 2015 356 2 mins Share
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Mr. Khanin from the Southern Institute of Technology visited our office in Chennai on June 3, 2015 and spoke to our study abroad counsellors. Ms. Khushboo spoke to Mr. Khanin on the benefits of studying at SIT and the various scholarships available for Indian students. Here’s a transcript of their conversation.

Khushboo - Hi Khanin, Can you talk about SIT?

Khanin - Hi Khushboo, SIT is one of New Zealand’s largest and most reputed institutions with five campuses and over 13,000 students. Our latest campus is in Auckland. We have over 1,000 international students this year. We are known for our courses in Business, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism. We offer over200 courses in 30 subjects and progressive career options for international students. International students are from Asia and Europe.

Khushboo - What sets SIT apart from other universities?

Khanin - We offer a Zero Fee Scheme for domestic students. International students have a number of scholarships that they can apply. Our campuses are modern and spread across important locations like Queensland, Auckland and Invercargill in New Zealand.SIT offers top-quality career-centric programmes taught by academic experts.

Khushboo - Can you share some information about the scholarships on offer?

Khanin - We offer Foundation scholarships for international students enrolling on a Foundation   programme.The John Wright Scholarships are open for 25 international students every year. They are academic and sport-based scholarships. Additionally, the Prime Minister’s Scholarships are also available.

Khushboo - Any specific requirements for the scholarships like the John Wright Scholarships?

Khanin - The John Wright scholarships are available only for those students who are enrolled at the Invercargill. Scholarships are also offered to student enrolled on the English language programme; but students from the Indian sub-continent are not eligible for these scholarships.

Khushboo - So remember students, enrol at the Invercargill campus! Khanin give us some information on the accommodation options. Do you also offer free accommodation?

Khanin - We have a number of accommodation options for students. The big advantage being we manage our own properties and offer fully furnished accommodation with all modern amenities. These are not hostels but regular apartments with two students in each unit. Students who enrol on the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise programme are offered Zero Fee Accommodation.

Khushboo - Please talk about Student Support and Student Activities?

Khanin - SIT is the front-runner in this aspect and as SIT welcomes students from many cultures and countries there are numerous cultural events planned throughout the year. Indian students will enjoy their time at SIT. The festivals of Deepavali and Holi and flag-hoisting on Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with great fanfare. Career support and pastoral care are integral to student life at SIT and we ensure that students have a great time when they study here.

Khushboo - Speak about student life in New Zealand?

Khanin - New Zealand with its natural beauty offers a great learning and living experience. At SIT, international students get a complete package when they study here. We create a credible progression pathway that helps students complete a programme at SIT and then find a job and settle down in New Zealand. There have been a number of international students who have done this in the past and we look forward to welcoming international students and guiding them to achieve their career goals.

Khushboo - Thanks Khanin for answering our questions!

Khanin - Thanks Khushboo!

Our Take:    

Southern Institute of Technology offers students considering studying in New Zealand; a great environment to learn, grow and excel. With affordable fees, a career-focused curriculum, generous scholarships, convenient accommodation and dedicated support for international students, SIT opens up a world full of possibilities!

Get in touch with our study abroad counsellors to join SIT today!

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