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Which are the best countries to migrate to?

High standards of living, safety, social security, and increased earnings are some incentives that compels people to migrate to countries abroad.

Some of the best countries to migrate from India are:

New Zealand

Read more about the reasons why people migrate and what is special about the countries they migrate to.

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What are the eligibility requirements for a Canadian Study Visa?

To study in Canada, you should be accepted by an authorized Canadian university for a full-time program leading to a degree or diploma. You should prove your financial ability to cover your expenses for studies and life in Canada, have no criminal records, be in good health, and prove your intention to return to India after studies. If your course is longer than 6 months, you should get a medical exam done in India. It should be done by a panel physician

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Free online counselling services from expert study abroad consultants

What is covered in this article? Hotcourses and IDP Hotcourses services as study abroad consultants What sets apart Hotcourses India from other overseas education consultancies? Read what a student has to say about services offered by Hotcourses FAQs on picking the right study abroad consultancy At Hotcourses India, we offer you a variety of free online education counselling services. We help you fulfil your cherished dream of



  • 18-SEP-2023

    Accommodation shortages predicted in the UK

    Unipol, a student accommodation charity in the UK has predicted that there will be a shortage of student accommodations in several UK cities such as Bath, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Unipol predicts that supply will not be able to keep up with demand.

  • 01-SEP-2023

    Funding requirements to increase in Australia for international students

    Starting from October 1, international students coming to Australia will have to show funds of at least AUD 24,505 in savings. The current requirement is AUD 21,041 in savings, and this amount hasn't changed since 2019. The new rule is to ensure that students are not forced to find a job right away, which could land them at risk of being taken advantage of.

  • 14-AUG-2023

    Increase in the number of Indian students in Germany

    Indian students form the largest group of foreign students in Germany with more than 42,000 students. This is a record 25% increase within a year.

  • 01-AUG-2023

    NSW now has a new Rental Commissioner

    The commissioner will work with the government to make the rental market more accessible to international students and also bring about the much needed reforms in this sector.

  • 28-JUL-2023

    France plans to welcome 30,000 Indian students by 2030

    Currently, there are more than 6,000 Indian students in France, and the country expects to receive 30,000 Indian students by 2030. This plan is part of the Franco-Indian partnership, which just marked its 25th anniversary.

  • 26-JUL-2023

    QS has released the Best Student Cities rankings for 2024

    London is named the most student-friendly city in the world, followed by Tokyo and Seoul. Diverse student populations and strong graduate prospects are some of the criteria on which London scored the highest.