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International Student News

All the latest news and advice for prospective & current international students, keeping you informed on your education journey.

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The benefits of online learning

People want to learn more and enroll in classes one after the other. But due to busy schedule, they often lack the time to go to a university and earn another degree. But with online classes, learning is a lot handier. It is the most convenient way, especially for working individuals, to get trainings and even higher education. Online classes are more beneficial for those who want to earn certifications for career advancements. With the advantages of online

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Insights for the enthusiastic ones looking to study abroad

Check out this space for insights curated from studies and surveys conducted by different organisations and institutions around the globe. We aim to provide you with a one-stop place for statistics and information on studying abroad, which also includes insights into what your peers think and what they are up to. We hope this saves you from missing out on crucial information and ultimately helps you make informed decisions. We’ll keep updating with the latest

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Top three universities in Canada and the ones popular among your peers

Canada has always been one of the most sought-after destinations for international students, be it for higher studies or jobs. Pandemic or not, the number of Indian students interested in studying in Canada is always on the rise. We don’t have to tell you about Canada’s general reputation as a country with peace-loving people. This fact is validated by their very low crime rates. The Canadian government and its people embrace diversity and are multicultural.


  • 25-MAY-2022

    Inflation in the USA: Tuition fees increase anticipated

    Institutions across the USA are affected by inflation and are raising the tuition fees for their courses. This would mean an increased cost of studying for international students too.

  • 24-MAY-2022

    UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022

    The 3rd UNESCO World Higher Education Conference was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 18 May to 20 May 2022. The aim of the conference was to come up with a roadmap that will direct the future of higher education across the globe. The roadmap will also be an answer to the disruptions caused to the higher education sector due to the pandemic.


  • 24-MAY-2022

    Western Australia to offer scholarships to international students

    The Western Australian government is supporting the international education sector through scholarships and bursaries for international students. Partial or full fee discounts are also on the cards.

  • 17-MAY-2022

    New UK visa for top graduates across the globe

    The UK is about to launch an exclusive visa scheme for graduates from the world's top 50 universities. This 'Global Universities List' will be put together by the UK Home Office. With this selective visa, the government aims to attract highly skilled talents to the country. The High Potential Individual route will be launched on 30 May 2022.

  • 16-MAY-2022

    Finland to offer Residence Permits to international students and their family members

    The Finnish government has announced that international students and their family members will be able to get residence permits during their study period in the country. Over 20,000 international students are studying in Finland.

  • 13-MAY-2022

    Gender Equality gets a prominent place in the Impact Rankings assessment criteria

    The Impact Rankings checks how the global universities are contributing to gender equality. The Chiang Mai University, the University of Indonesia and Western Sydney University are the three top rankings institutions in this category.