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With state-of-the-art facilities, friendly lecturers and a strong career support team Leeds Trinity University offers a vibrant learning experience.

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As told by the student

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Chandan India

Why did I choose this university?

The most significant reason for me to choose Leeds Trinity University is that there were very few Chinese students so it is really good for the improvement of my English language and independentability. When researching the university I found that a large part of citizens in Leeds are students, so the academic atmosphere around the city and environment is safe and advantageous for studying.I am almost at the end of my degree and feel like I have achieved a great international experience at Leeds Trinity by learning the language, culture and way of living. It has been a difficult challenge however it has made me a stronger person so I can go on to succeed further.

My first week:

I can still remember the feeling I had when I arrived at Leeds Trinity, everything was new and I knew that there was many challenges ahead of me. At first, I had to be independent in my course because I was the only Chinese student, I missed my family and friends back home but at Leeds Trinity I made new friendships and would visit Chinese restaurants and supermarkets which made me feel less homesick. However as time went by I started to become more settled into university life. I received a lot of encouragement from my lecturers to be hardworking in order to succeed on the course.

My campus:

Leeds Trinity University is roughly 20 minutes outside of Leeds city centre, the university campus is very quiet and peaceful because if its surrounding countryside. On site there are two main teaching buildings, a library, IT rooms, a sports centre with tennis courts, a gym and running track. Also at Leeds Trinity there are seven accommodation buildings to choose from, they all have different facilities for example kitchen, en-suites and bedrooms. At the moment Leeds Trinity is building a new large student accommodationflats with all the facilities students need including community rooms.

Local area:

The university is located in Horsforth, where there are many shops, restaurants and pubs. A ten minute walk away from the campus is Horsforth train station which runs to Leeds City Centre. Leeds Trinity provide access to all these facilities by providing a free shuttle bus which runs on weekdays. The shuttle bus is very useful when you need to go to the supermarket and you have lots of heavy bags to carry.  

Leeds City Centre is a great place to shop and go for nights out to clubs, recently a new Trinity Shopping Centre has opened in the city centre, and it has many well know clothes shops, cinema and great food kitchen.

My Learning:

Studying abroad has broadened my horizon in studying daily life under a developed western environment.Having an experience in different educational concept to learning more advancedmethods and thinking. Because of the different educational system, learning experience in the UK is quite different from China. I have three to five lectures a week and so I have a lot of self-study study time so I can be accurate in my academic knowledge. The lecturers of Trinity are nice and very academically focused, so you need be hardworking during self-studying and positive during the interactions with tutors and group work with classmates. You have to spend a lot of time in your work to get a good grade. The best thing about Leeds Trinity University is wonderful, dedicated, responsible and conscientious lecturers.

My Life:

Throughout my time at Leeds Trinity University I have met many friends on my course and friends outside of the university in my accommodation. When studying I tend to socialise with my friends in the library at Leeds Trinity and also the University of Leeds Library. When we are not studying we like to go into the Student Union bar at Leeds Trinity or go out to Chinese restaurants for a meal. I currently do not take part in any clubs or societies however they do have a lot of them at Leeds Trinity.


I am currently in my third year of studying and so I live in private student accommodation with a number of friends I met whilst living in Leeds. Most students in the second and third year live outside of Leeds Trinity campus, in Headingley. However I live in Woodhouse. My accommodation has beautiful views of the surrounding trees, although it is outside of Leeds Trinity, I am able to access the university and also Leeds City Centre.I quite enjoy an independent life in accommodation. I also make some new friends in accommodation, and we usually have male and discuss course work together.

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Varsha, India 4

Exciting and flexible course

Well, I would recommend my university to most people as it is a nice blend of seriousness, competitiveness and fun.

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