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Top 10 jobs of Generation Y

What are the top jobs for "Generation Y" which didn't exist a few years ago? Find out about roles like video journalists, social media managers and search engine optimisers which you might want to pursue...

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Every generation sees old roles phased out or become more niche, while others replace them as technology and society evolves. While many young people follow in the footsteps of their parents and their careers, this isn’t always possible. Meanwhile the most recent economic crisis of 2008 saw mass unemployment and many graduates struggling to get that first step on the career ladder (something which wouldn’t have been a problem a few years prior). Students found themselves looking at alternative routes into employment.

Therefore students should always be aware of roles and careers which are emerging and increasing in popularity. You might be surprised at what careers are available, some of which you might know have even heard of before. Below are 10 roles of Generation Y which you should know more about and what you should study to get into these...


Search engine optimisation specialist

SEO is an area that is growing non-stop with all major websites having a full time SEO specialist in their companies. Search engine optimisation professionals use analysis and experimentation to move their clients' websites up search engine rankings such as Google and Bing, bringing more traffic to their pages and stronger revenues. With businesses relying on organic traffic from search engines more and more, any advantage of their competitors is welcome. SEO specialists may also consult on other technicalities such as site-mapping, site architecture, content and more.

Related subjects: MarketingInformation Technology


Primary care services coordinator

People are living longer than ever before thanks to advancements in medicine, so full-time carers have become increasingly sought after. It not only includes direct care but the coordination of other health professionals, both at residential facilities, insurance companies and healthcare organisations.

Patience and communication skills are also must-haves for prospective care services coordinators, who may need advanced degrees in health related areas if they want to become more specialised in the field. Volunteering at a local hospital or nursing home may be a great way to see first-hand how things work without needing prior experience, as well as looking admirableon a personal statement.  

Related Subjects: Nursing, Pre-Medical, Communications, Social WorkSociologyPsychology


Talent management coordinator

Working along human resources and management, these professionals work on attracting talented people into an organisation and keeping them there. Corporations are aware of how costly hiring and training can be in a business world where time counts for a lot. Talent managers foresee what their workforce needs over time and make sure that these individuals are in place within the organisation. They also work on development of leadership roles amongst employees over the years.

Talent managers possess a mix of analytical and strategic attributes, and they are often charged with crafting the employer's hiring plans as well.

Related subjects: Business studies, ManagementPsychologyHumanities, Art studies, Human Resources


Social media manager/strategist

Did you know you can find a job looking at Facebook all day?

Social media managers help project a company’s image online by keeping up with engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+. The public image of companies is traditionally managed by internal PR departments or third party agencies, though due to the growing influence of the conversations taking place on these social media amongst consumers, many have a specific individual or team to monitor social media all the time.

The story of Facebook as depicted in The Social Network has inspired a lot of students to seek careers in social media.


If you are interested in working on a role like this one, you need to work on your online presence and maintain it, while also keeping ahead of major developments in social media. If you can demonstrate some experience of handling a professional social media account, which ultimately led to desired conversions, this will help you find such a role which is highly-desirable.

Related subjects: Public Relations, Communications, Information TechnologyMarketing, Statistics, Humanities


User experience designer

As we become more tech savvy, we seem to have become progressively more impatient when websites and other devices don’t work as we want them to – it can be enough to put us off a website or piece of software. At the moment, mobile apps and responsive design are the biggest concern for those in web ex, but there will always be something new around the corner as how we browse the internet and interact online changes.

User experience specialists require attention to detail, an eye for design, and familiarity with the consumer’s mindset.

Related subjects: Psychology, Retail Studies, Fashion Design, MarketingGraphic Design, Architecture, Industrial DesignInformation Technology and Economics.


Online political campaign managers

Barack Obama’s re-election campaign showed that there is room for grassroots campaigning in a variety of ways – it’s not just rallies and knocking on doors. Political campaigns have to reach voters where they congregate and increasingly this is online. As well as keeping up on what the public are consuming at any one moment so you appear relevant and “one of the people”, you need a strong knowledge of politics and work ethic to respond to changing circumstances around the clock.


Image courtesy of HBO

Related subjects: Political ScienceLawMarketingJournalismPublic Relations


Web content writer

According to influential marketing blogs, ‘content marketing’ is the most popular term of the season. This means that companies are increasingly concerned about having an active but human online presence. Meanwhile search engines which drive traffic to websites value regular, original content which is where a web content writer would come in.

An online writing portfolio is a good start, but it may help if you have some experience or connection with the company’s industry. However if you’re skilled enough, you can be a flexible freelancer writing for a variety of fields and sectors.

Related subjects: English, Communications, MarketingPublic RelationsHumanities


3-D graphics designer

3-D animation and design has evolved completely with film, television and video game entering whole new stratospheres of story-telling and entertainment thanks to these developments. It is also at the core of marketing and advertising production as companies are trying harder to catch the consumer’s eye and be remembered.

Related subjects: Graphic Design, Advertising, Film StudiesMarketingComputer ScienceInformation Technology, Art, Animation


Sustainability consultant

World leaders and pressure groups are becoming more aware of the current dangers that CO2 and global warming have on our planet – time is ticking. Governments continue to discuss new ways to face these climate challenges and increasingly they need experts to advise them about their next steps.

Companies have also started to adopt measures to help them save energy and comply with governments’ policies, if anything for the public perception benefits.

Related Subjects: ChemistryEngineeringPolitical ScienceLawEnvironmental Studies, Economics, Biology


Video journalists

The years in which only renowned journalists travelled around the world and had the only say in current affairs is gone. With the arrival of YouTube, handheld video cameras (and cameras on phones), bloggers, freelance reporters and social media comes a new breed of in-situ reporters. Video journalists can be commissioned by large-market news groups to cover, edit and report on news happening around the world, providing raw insight like never seen before. Time constraints and resources make it difficult for news agencies to get to places and report on developing news at times, hence why they’re increasingly relying on user-generated content.

However there are also independent video journalists and filmmakers working on their own projects like short films and documentaries, in the hope that they go “viral” and draw mass attention to key issues.

Related subjects: Film studiesJournalism, Sound Engineering

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