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How to use Ultimate Search on Hotcourses Abroad

Read our guide to using Ultimate Search on Hotcourses Abroad to find the perfect course overseas which you're eligible for...

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Ultimate Search is easy to use even if the title makes it sound a little intimidating. You can find a course overseas which you're eligible to study in just a few minutes.

Let's show you how in our step-by-step guide to Ultimate Search below, complete with screencaps to help you find your way:


1. Do a basic search first

Using the search on our homepage or the floating search bar on all pages of our site, search for a course and a study level you’re interested in. This can be a general subject or a more specific subject. You can also select a country here too (you can choose more countries later).

Click ‘Search’.




2. Use Ultimate Search – Enter your details

You’ll be taken through to a search results page. If you scroll down slightly, you’ll find some institutions with courses which match the criteria you’ve chosen on the previous page:



Tell us about yourself

However you can still use Ultimate Search to refine your search by entering your Ultimate Search criteria. To begin, scroll back up to the ‘Tell Us About Yourself’ box; here you may enter your location, the location of your qualification, your qualification, grade type and grade/score. The dropdown menus will suggest options for this – don’t worry!

Click ‘Update’.

Refine your course search, tell us your budget and English level

A few more sections will appear. Here you  have the option to specify a particular course (within the one you’ve already chosen), study level, qualification type, study mode, length of study and more study destinations. Again you’ll see suggestions in the dropdown boxes to help you.

Next at the ‘My Budget Is’ section, you can select your budget (if you have one) for your annual tuition fees. You can do this by moving the budget slider points to indicate your minimum and maximum budget. You must move these to the nearest $10,000 mark.

Finally, if you’ve taken an English language test, you can tell us which one you took and your score.

If you have made a mistake, you can still change a field or simply clear all fields by clicking ‘Clear all’. But if you’re happy with the criteria you’ve selected, click ‘Update’ to refine your search results.



3. Browse matching universities

You’ll be taken through to a page with institutions which offer courses which match your Ultimate Search criteria:



To make browsing these easier, you can sort them by a number of ways:

  • Online application available – Sort starting with those you can apply to directly, there and then using our free i-Apply service.
  • English courses available – Sort starting with those which offer EFL courses
  • Scholarships available – Sort starting with those with scholarships available
  • Rankings – Sort according to position in the latest Times University World Rankings
  • Popularity – Sort starting with those with the most profile views on the site
  • Reviews – Sort starting with those rated highest in student reviews left on Hotcourses Abroad


Here you can read a little about the university, including: number of reviews; number of profile views; entry requirements according to your local qualification; whether they ranked in the recent Times World University rankings; and whether they have English language courses available.

If a university interests you, click on the tile to see which of their courses match your Ultimate Search criteria. 



4. Browse matching courses

On this page you'll see courses which this institution offers which match your Ultimate Search criteria from the previous page:



On each tile, you can read some quick points about the course such as: whether you can apply online through our i-Apply service; how many times it’s been viewed on Hotcourses Abroad; study level; study mode & duration; start date; and how much the annual tuition fees are.

Click on the course which interests you to be taken through to the course details page.



5. Read about about the course

Here you can read more about that specific course offered by the institution, including: a summary of the course content and what you can expect; entry requirements such as required language test scores; and any scholarships which are tied to the course.

Depending on the institution, you may be able to apply directly through i-Apply by clicking on the purple ‘Apply online’ button. If this option isn’t available, you may still be able to contact the institution by clicking the green ‘Contact institution’ button to ask any questions you may have or find out about how you can apply.

You can read more about the institution themselves by clicking on their name at the top, where you will be taken through to their profile on our site.




Still confused? Watch our video walkthrough and learn how to use Ultimate Search with one of our team:



Start using Ultimate Search today! Start your search journey from either our homepage or floating header now. Tell us a bit more about yourself and be matched with that perfect course abroad now!


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