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5 misconceptions you will hear about Nigerians when you study abroad

Annoying stereotypes you're likely to encounter on your study abroad and how to combat them

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Funny stereotypes are born through various misconceptions, which in turn happen when poeple have little or no knowledge of the subject. When you've just arrived from Nigeria to study abroad, it can be quite frustrating! Make sure you have the right mindset and who knows, you might even teach your fellow students something about Nigerian culture. 


The best way to stereotypes is to have a sense of humour. Let's be honest, you may secretly see your south Italian uni friend as a mafia character and well expect a Russian coursemate to walk into a lecture with a bear or hipflask of Vodka one day. The key is take any misinformed comments with a pinch of salt and to have a laugh about it!


We spoke to Nigerian students themselves to find out the most common stereotypes they encountered when they studied abroad:


1. Nigerians are sons of chiefs


2. Nigerians all know each other


3. They like flashy clothes


4. They speak so loudly it looks like they are shouting or fighting


5. They like to show off a lot


It's worth noting that all the Nigerian students we spoke to found fun ways to combat stereotypes and ended up having a lucrative and enjoyable study abroad experience. Think you can take on stereotypes you're likely to encounter on your study abroad? Start searching for your dream course now.