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Culture on Campus: Discover nationality mixes at unis around the world

If you’re seeking a multicultural campus, or you want to be with students from your own country, you can find the perfect university abroad with the Hotcourses Diversity Index

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If you’re looking to study abroad, the chances are you’re excited to meet students from different countries and backgrounds and make friends from all over the world. However, some of you might prefer the comfort of hanging out with students from your home country, which is perfectly okay too!

How diverse do you want to be? 




Here at Hotcourses International, we’ve developed an amazing new tool to cater for both those seeking diversity and those craving home comforts, called the Hotcourses Diversity Index (HDI). The tool allows you to find out how culturally diverse campuses in the UK, US and Australia are, all at the click of a button. Another feature of the tool is the Feel at Home Index, where you can see the proportion of international students at a university that come from your country. 


Embracing diversity

What makes you choose a university? For some students it’s the location, ranking, research opportunities, or reviews, but for others it’s the cultural diversity they’ll find on campus.


For Amir from Iran who studied at the University of Wollongong in Australia, meeting students from different countries was one of the main reasons he wanted to study abroad. 

“Diversity is one of the main reasons I came here. Here you can see many people from all around and live together kindly and nicely.”


Dubai student, Anurang Ram Chandran, was captured by the way the University of Missouri in the US embraced all cultures and made everyone feel like a ‘Mizzou Tiger’! 

“The emphasis on diversity and equality here at Mizzou is brilliant! You can be from any region, have any faith and have any preference but ultimately you are a Tiger and that is the treatment that every student receives which is highly commendable and one of the characteristics of Mizzou that attracts me the most!”

Hear from more international students who went looking for diversity…





Home comforts 

Moving overseas to study, often thousands of miles away from your home, can be very daunting. It’s no surprise then that for some students, knowing that they’ll be able to find peers from their home countries is reassuring.


Chinese student Allen Wang settled into life quickly at Box Hill Institute in Australia after getting to know other students from China.  

“Life is fun here. I have a lot of friends from my country. I live in a Chinese dominant suburb so everything seems familiar from the food to the people and the language everything.”


Simple activities like cooking home food with friends from your own country helps some international students battle homesickness. Shree Suriya had a lot of friends from his native Sri Lanka during his studies at RMIT in Australia. 

“I have a lot of friends from my country so life is not that bad. At least it is good to talk to someone from your country. I hardly miss home and the food as we take up turns while cooking. We live together so it is easy.”


How to use HDI

We know that every student is different, and that’s why no matter what you’re seeking in your study abroad experience, diversity, home comforts or even a bit of both, HDI is the tool for you! You can search by institution, country, subject area and study level depending on what you’re looking for.