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Studying Education and Training abroad

Why should you study Education and Training abroad? Do you thrive from teaching others and helping them grow? Read our full guide...

Education and Training abroad

What is Education and Training?

Education and Training relates to the field of imparting knowledge or skills to an individual or group of people. The field also covers how people learn, specifically acquiring, retaining and applying the information they take in to improve on the methods used to educate or train. While we might think of a school classroom when we think ‘education’, Education and Training can also cover coaching and other specialised teaching.



Why study Education and Training?

Education is an important topic in the world – no one is exactly anti-education after all! Just think about political elections which you’ve followed; the topic of education is always brought up because people care about it (especially about how their children are taught, so they get the best opportunities available).

Not everyone learns the same way either, which makes the subject of education a lot more complex than simply talking at people in the same manner. Many learning difficulties – like ADHD – which were not officially recognised previously have since been officially recognised by medical bodies (and there are now new ways of educating and supporting those who are diagnosed with these). With this support, these students can prosper in their education, progress further and hopefully make better life choices as a result (rather than fall through the cracks and turn to things like crime, addiction etc.). By understanding how different individuals learn, those in teacher or trainer roles can reach out to them better.

Education and training also gives us the opportunity to continue to develop our skills and even completely change paths. We may decide one day to do something completely different with our lives, having grown bored with our jobs. However we need someone to show us how first.



Who would be good at studying Education and Training?

Those who want to make a real difference in the lives of others should consider a career in Education and Training. If you get a thrill from seeing someone really understand something you’ve taught them, then this field will be constantly rewarding.

Clear, efficient but friendly communication skills are key in establishing a connection with those you’re teaching and communicating the material you are teaching (especially those who are very young, older, speak a different language or have learning difficulties).

Patience and the power to motivate those you are teaching will make you a better teacher, while confidence engaging with new people and speaking in public will be a major benefit too.



What is the criteria for studying an Education and Training course?

It will depend on what or who you want to teach. Usually you’ll need at least an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in your chosen area to demonstrate that you have the requisite knowledge which you would cover. Admission to some of the courses outlined below which look at how individuals learn might benefit from a qualification in Psychology.

In addition to academic qualifications, you can also use any instances where you’ve taught or mentored individuals to demonstrate a passion in education.

You should always check the entry requirements for a course with the university themselves.



What specific courses can I study?



What can you do with an Education and Training qualification?

Most go into roles like teaching, training, mentoring and coaching, some of which can be more challenging, involving students with difficulties or disabilities. However this is not the only path you can take. Students who are passionate about the field of education can also work in research and management roles to oversee how teaching and learning is conducted, and improve upon it.


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