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What MBA specialisations are there?

An MBA can offer you a career boost and a wealth of new knowledge. There is a wide range of choice when it comes to specialisations too. We delve into just some of the options available.

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When it comes to looking into doing a master’s degree, you may be trying to judge how much it can offer you. After all, you’ve already got your degree and, depending on your field of study, may not need to pursue higher education any further than you already have to get your desired career. 


Having said that, there are many master’s degrees available that can truly deepen your knowledge of your chosen topic and open more doors for you in terms of your future career


A Master of Business Administration is a great example of this. The qualification allows postgraduates in this area of education to enhance their already developed skills and is a course that has become well respected by businesses and employers worldwide. 


The degree is desirable to postgraduates due to how broad it can be and the sheer range of skills that it can cover. If you’re deciding to apply for an MBA after enjoying a similar undergraduate degree, it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed. 


This course is also great if you want to study abroad as it's widely available at many universities worldwide. Many institutions offer MBA degrees that specialise in a particular area you may be interested in. 

If you’re interested in an MBA, you may be wondering which to choose. We cover some of the key specialisations available to you for an MBA degree


General Management 


Due to it being such a varied topic, an MBA in General Management is usually one of the most popular. This course aims to teach students about the professional and personal requirements in managing a team, a part of a business or a small company. 


These courses may focus on, but are not limited to, personnel management, UX management, corporate strategies, and business law. 


With this degree under your belt, you will be a very suitable candidate for several managerial roles, including: 


  • HR Manager  

  • Administration Manager 

  • UX Manager 

  • Top-level Retail Manager 


You'll be empowered to manage a team, as well as the data side of a business. In addition, you'll be a vital part of any professional environment, from large companies to small start-ups. 


Considered studying in Ireland? We look at why you should study for an MBA there




A degree that focuses on marketing is arguably more useful now than ever before. With social media and the internet, the marketing landscape has completely changed, and a degree in this area from 10 years ago will be completely different from the one today. An MBA focusing on marketing is a great educational asset and can lead you down career pathways in that industry like few other degrees can. 


With an MBA in marketing, you'll focus on the managerial aspect of all things marketing. This includes managing campaigns, teams, businesses, and brands. The degree even delves into things like public and customer relations. With this degree the roles you can confidently apply for include: 


  • Brand Manager 

  • Digital Marketing Manager 

  • Social Media Manager 


The detailed education in marketing that an MBA in this area will make you an asset in any business. As the marketing game constantly changes, having someone who understands its history and how it works can be the difference between a successful business and one that is struggling to keep up. 


New Zealand is a popular study abroad option for many students and offers some of the best MBAs available. 




The world of finance is broad, so an MBA in this area needs to be equally diverse. If you're interested in a career in finance will benefit from continuing your education and applying for this course. 


Not only will you be given a detailed overview of the financial world as it sits today but also gain a thorough understanding of its ins and outs, giving you what you need for a career in the finance sector. 


Careers in this field include: 


  • Corporate finance 

  • International finance 

  • Risk management 

  • Investment analysis 


If you’re coming from an undergraduate degree in finance, an MBA in the topic can be just what you need to refine your overall knowledge and skills and allow you to hit the ground running in a related job role. 

An MBA can lead to so many different job roles, we explore some of the best


IT Management 


While many managerial skills are transferable between different areas, the IT industry can raise new challenges that you may not find in other fields of work. 


Much like marketing, there has been no other time where IT has been more important than the present. From information security to website maintenance, many businesses rely on in-house or external IT teams to keep everything running just how it should. 


This has paved the way for many careers in the IT field. Opportunities include managerial roles that help IT teams work effectively and efficiently. These management roles within the world of IT include: 


  • IT Manager 

  • Project Manager 

  • Website Manager 


IT teams have become crucial to many businesses. With countries like the UK and the US seeing remote roles increase from around five per cent to over 25 per cent since the pandemic, the need for IT support is clear. 


IT teams are a crucial part of so many businesses with great IT managers being a key component of them. With an MBA in IT, you will have the industry knowledge and understanding required to fill one of these managerial roles.  


An MBA is a great option if you’re looking to build on the skills and knowledge acquired in your undergraduate degree and can benefit you going into the world of work. Specialising in this master’s degree can only increase your credibility when it comes to applying for a role in that specific field while still giving you the broad education in management that you’re looking for. 


Find the right MBA for you with our course matcher tool

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