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Alex Petryck
04 Dec 2014 203 2 mins Share

Keep Cool while Changing Schools

The things you should keep in mind, the do's and don'ts while changing schools.

04 Dec 2014 203 2 mins Share
Alex Petryck
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I was a good student, not one of the bad guys, but one little problem led to another and there I was rejected by my classmates, not feeling like I belonged there anymore. I knew changing schools isn’t easy, and you can often read this significant transformation can lead to anxiety, grief or even depression, but after I tried everything I could to solve the problems, at that point there was really no other option. So I told my parents I’m switching schools and luckily I had all the support they could give me. And trust me, the advice and guidance we get from our parents can make a great difference, lessening the burden we transferring students have while going through the transition process. I know my experience would’ve been a lot different if I was in this alone.

I remember I was very stressed and anxious about the new school. All sorts of questions were going through my mind, like whether I’ll fit in the new environment or if other students will accept me well, whether I’m behind them in the school assignments, will I get along with the professors, etc.All this time, no matter how trivial this sounds, my parents were my sounding board and a true source of support. We talked together about the problems and how to best deal with the challenges I was facing, and the advice they gave me proved really worthy. They also did everything to keep things normal in the family so I wouldn’t have to deal with any additional changes while I was adapting to the new environment.
When your child goes to a new school, he/she can keep the contacts with the old classmates, but it is also very important to look for opportunities to meet and hang out with some new people at the new place. As parents, you should encourage them to get involved in the new community, to research and find activities in the new school that will interest them, like some science or astrology club, or maybe the school newspaper. Any extra curricular activity is important, as they are making an extra effort to forge friendships to the faster and a better fit in.
I wanted to use this new opportunity to start on a good foot and did everything I could to achieve that, joined school clubs,did after classes assignments, hanged out with new friends after school, and simply enjoyed this new life. I learned that a large part of how’s around us is a result if the decisions we’ve made, the good ones and the bad ones, and if you want things to be better you have to play your part of the game also. Look at this opportunity from a brighter perspective and you may see things much differently.
But, though changing schools can be difficult and there are many challenges to face each day until your child is completely accepted, still this must not be a rule you’ll blindly follow. My parents didn’t let this new experience I was going through change my usual habits and way of living. To ease the transition they even throw me a party in our home backyard inviting all my new friends from school and the old ones I was still in touch with. It was really awesome.
You can make a difference, but you should play things right, supporting each other as a family – this experience may than turn out to be the bonding link that will bring you closer to one another. You must also let your kids know you are there for them in case they have some problem or if they just want to talk to someone. This support is essential if you want them to easier adjust to the completely new environment.
Byline: Alex is MBA student at Wisconsin International University. He helps other students with their writing, one of the writers at
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