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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
23 Jun 2015 124 1 min Share

Seven Reasons Why You Should Enrol at UCLAN NOW!

Mohamed Parker givrs out seven important reasons on why a student looking for studies abroad should enroll into UCLAN.

23 Jun 2015 124 1 min Share

Here’s how our recent catch-up with Mohamed Parker, Head of International Programs of UCLAN’s Lancashire Business School., went like. 

We fired away a few quick questions to help get an overview of what student life at UCLAN could be like for students like you- yes YOU. Interested? Read on for the full scoop…

So -Where IS it?

The uniqueness of the University’s location lies in the fact that the city it is situated in, Preston, a much smaller city in comparison with cities like London. Mr. Mohammed explains the advantages of being a student here…

Popular Study Options Among International Students?

The University has 16 schools offering programmes. The Lancashire Business School, in particular, offers the MBA, the International Business Management programme, and the MA in Accounting and Finance at the postgrad level. At the undergrad level, the School covers subject areas such as Finance, Management, Retail Managements, and International Business. Students will benefit from placement opportunities- Mohamed adds.

Can We Intern?

There are internship opportunities available at the undergrad level but maybe difficult to secure at the postgrad level- he admits.

Will We Get Funded?

Currently, UCLAN offers in-country scholarships and the MBA degree has some very attractive scholarships. A guaranteed amount of 2,500 GBP for the MBA is available in scholarships at the moment. Students with good grades will be considered for merit-based scholarships as well. 

And…What About Career Support?

The University has a Career Centre to help students find employment and get them work-ready. He talks about how UCLAN goes about prepping students for the international job market.

Fun on Campus!

The University has a number of societies that has been set up for international students.  He exclaims, “It is entertainment at its best in the first week when you come to the University!”  and tells us what to expect if we enter the University for the first time as an international student.

How Soon Should We Join The Student Clubs or Events?

“As soon as the students get there,” he tells us and goes on to explain all about student life at UCLAN.  

Give us a call if you have any questions about what UCLAN has on offer. And hey- if you’re interested just drop us a line or give us a call and we will take it from there!

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