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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
20 May 2015 349 2 mins Share

Why You Should Enroll At The University of Hertfordshire RIGHT NOW!

When Mr. Michele Raimondo (University of Hertfordshire’s International Officer) decided to pay us a visit at our Delhi office. Check out what he says.

20 May 2015 349 2 mins Share

When Mr. Michele Raimondo (University of Hertfordshire’s International Officer) decided to pay us a visit at our Delhi office, we popped a few questions on him to help students like you understand what the University really has on offer.

Here are the things we wanted to know …

Where It Is- the Location!

Michele Raimondo told us that the University of Hertfordshire was just 20 minutes away from Central London by train and about 30 KMs away from Central London. Students can commute really easily to explore the big city, given the University’s strategic location.  After a slight pause, he also put in,” (Not only do) we have an excellent location, (we also have) excellent facilities, and an excellent graduate success rate as well!”

Popular programmes opted by international students off late?

Michele listed out a few programmes that seemed to be a huge hit among the University’s international student population…

What Kind of Internship Opportunities Would We Be Looking At?

Well- in a nutshell….
Undergraduate Degrees:  

  • Majority of business programs include 1 year work placements
  • Engineering degrees: Give students one year for work experience in its four years

Postgraduate Degrees:

  • MSc & other such computer science degrees  offer a *one-year work placement

*Students must keep in mind that these placement years do have a certain criteria of eligibility.

Any scholarships for international/Indian students?

Much to our delight, Michele told us that international scholarships up to GBP 2,000 were available for UG and GBP 3,000 for PG degree programmes. The University also offers limited full scholarships!
He emphasized that students with good academic records or amazing IELTS scores SHOULD apply for scholarships without fail.  (We most absolutely will keep that in mind!)

Next- we asked him to name a few fun places on campus!

 “We have many fun places on campus. We have the Forum which was built five years ago…which is a big entertainment complex on campus that (provides) a great atmosphere for students to socialize (in)…! The forum also includes a Starbucks Café, a restaurant, and a two-floor night club which is an excellent entertainment complex with many famous artists (having performed)… there (like)...Will. i. Am. We also have a very big sports village which was built about ten years ago (for) which the University spent GBP15m for. (This Village has a) very big student pool, rock climbing wall, lots of gym facilities; indoor volleyball, badminton health & fitness center;… and lots of different classes that students can join and keep fit, “he mentioned cheerfully.

And soon should students be joining student clubs and events?

“From day one as soon as you arrive on campus!” he said in immediate response.  Then he went on to explain to us about the orientation program at Hertfordshire that ensures that international students make an easy transition to student life in the UK. The second week post their arrival (aka The Induction Week), international students can join clubs and societies at the “Freshers’ Fair” covering various sports, hobbies, and dance, to name a few.

How About Career Assistance?

The University has a “creative Placements Team on campus” that advertises job opportunities that students can apply for; helps with CV or resume drafting; interview tips and skills; job applications; and teaches students how to increase their confidence and “really sell their skills” -Michele concluded.

Well- that’s great news for students- right guys?! From fun to career assistance, Hertfordshire really seems to have it all. Have a look for yourself... And in case you want to hear more about Hertfordhsire, just give us a call at 1-800-103-9634 or 1-800-103-2581- and we can give you all the information you need and even help you enroll right away if you’re interested!

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