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Graduate Diploma in Oil and gas engineering from Univ of Western Australia (UWA)?

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I have received conditional offer from UWA saying if I have 65% or above in graduate diploma in the first year I will be eligible for masters from the second year onwards. How difficult is it to get 65% in Australia and what % of graduate diploma students get into masters program in the 2nd year? Should it be wise to accept the offer? 1st year grad diploma and 2nd year masters, total 2 years. in this case will I be eligible for PR ? Thanks and regards

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I assume you should be able to get into UWA 2nd year Masters Program after your 1st year Graduate diploma provided you perform and network with the professors during your first year study. Further, it is better is you put your concern before UWA on getting into Masters degree 2nd year after your 1st year Graduate diploma and know from them the requirements that you need to fulfill. UWA officials will be happy to reply your email as they have received conditional offer from them. If case be please feel free to call them and talk to them about your concern. 

I don't think you doing your 1st year graduate diploma and 2nd year masters degree will affect your point system for PR. If you are able to earn sufficient PR points than you surely will qualify.

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Hi, UWA is a world class University and is located in Western Australia, which boasts of massive Oil and petroleum resourses. It is not not very difficult to get 65% marks in the Grad Dip but you need to work hard. Excellent job opportunities and salaries in excess of 70,000$ per annum for Pertoleum Engineers in Australia. 

I would advise you to take up the offer despite the conditions. You should be eligible for PR when you finish the course but then there will be other conditions also need to be fulfilled. Please log on to  for information about PR and visas. 

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