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5 Courses for Introverts

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If you're someone who is shy, and gets easily anxious, but really want to know what would be the perfect course for you, then look no further!


Below are 5 courses that are perfect for introverts:

1. Accounting


If you’re someone who’s interested in money and making it without socialising or having to contact with others, then this is the perfect job for you.


Usually when it comes to the field of business, you would need a lot of contact with other people, but being accountant you will be able to still enjoy £££ by just hiding behind a computer.


This is probably the best course for introverts who want to get into the business world.


2. Graphic Design

graphic design

If you like using technology to design and draw stuff, then this is for you. Also another field which does not require that much social interaction.


Although there is a bit of social interaction for this job, like consulting with clients or colleagues for building a website, designing a logo, most of the time you will still be working independantly.


Check graphic design courses here.

3. Financial Analyst


Similar to accounting, you get to count and enjoy the green stuff by spending most of the time doing the job independantly.


This is perfect for introverts who enjoy observing the stock market, and who enjoy investing. Since this job puts focus on facts and figures, and not people, introverts would be happy in this field.


Check finance courses here.

4. Computing/IT


If you’re very much into computers and technology, this is another field that you would most probably enjoy.


With this job, you would also be spending most of your time in front of a computer, coding, programming, and fixing every technical thing that has to do with computers and IT.


The best part of it is that all you need is a computer to do the job, so this also means that you can work both independantly and remotely.


Check computing/IT courses here.

5. Writing


The stereotype of what an introvert would look like could actually be the most suitable one for any introvert. Spending some alone time, just you and your mind, and your imagination, generating inspiration naturally to come out with writing material.


From poems, to novels, to short stories, you can produce all these at your own time and all by yourself!


So if this sounds very attractive to you then it's definitely the right path.


Check writing courses here.

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