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Can you take the IELTS test online?

IELTS Online will allow international students to take the IELTS test from home. It’s set to change the landscape of English language testing. We explain how.

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We know you’ve wondered what it might be like to take the IELTS test in the comfort of your own home. In a world where we’re all increasingly familiar with working and learning online, an online IELTS test would be accessible and convenient. This will move from theory to reality in early 2022 with the launch of IELTS Online. It’s time to find out more about what you can expect and what the new IELTS test is all about.


Is IELTS Online new?

Yes, that’s right, the IELTS Online test is new. While the test has the same structure as the current paper-based IELTS Academic test, the important difference is that it's entirely online. This means you won’t have to go to a test centre or sit in an exam room.


You’re probably curious how the IELTS speaking test will be conducted. Usually, this is done face-to-face, however with the development of secure videoconferencing and video chat platforms, the test can be taken online too. You’ll still be chatting to and tested by a trained, qualified, and certified IELTS examiner.


The IELTS Online test makes use of a specially designed secure testing system, so you won’t have to worry about online safety or test integrity. Your test will not be compromised in any way. The test will use similar security protocols as the physical test, such as photo ID, registration documents (passport/ID) and profile verification, with built-in artificial intelligence. 


One of the big advantages of the IELTS online test is that you’ll get your results faster than before. You can expect to know your score within three to five days. This can make a big difference when you’re getting your university application ready.


Read more about the IELTS verification service.


What’s in the IELTS Online test?

There’s no need to worry. You won’t have to prepare for a completely different IELTS test. The test is the same as the IELTS Academic test. You will have to complete the same four sections namely:



You’ll have two hours and 45 minutes to complete the IELTS Online test. That’s an hour for the reading section, 30 minutes for the listening test, one hour for the writing test, and 11 to 14 minutes for the speaking test.


A tip for the new IELTS Online test - practice your computer skills. Get used to doing multiple-choice questions and reading on screen. Make sure that your typing skills are good so that you don’t make spelling and grammar mistakes when taking the test.


Discover more about where the IELTS test is accepted and what the benefits of taking the IELTS test are.


How do I take the IELTS Online test?


The IELTS Online test will be available from the early months of 2022. It won’t immediately be available in all countries. You should always contact your nearest IELTS test centre or IELTS directly to find out if it's available where you are.


The IELTS Online test is not only for those who can’t make it to a test centre. It's also for those who want to take the test at home. There are no criteria in place used to decide whether you qualify to take the test online.


Explore how the IELTS test is developed and how to understand the test marking.


Can I use my IELTS Online results for university application? 


The IELTS Online test results will have the same status as the paper-based IELTS test. The test is marked and assessed by the same accredited examiners and passes through the same verification service. This means that both universities and immigration authorities can rely on the accuracy of the results.


With IELTS being the only test recognised by Australia, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand for migration, and by most institutions worldwide, IELTS Online provides a much-needed service for international students. This is especially true as the current global pandemic continues to cause disruption.


As you can see IELTS Online will be a game-changer. Taking the test online will be both quick and easy to do. While you’re here, why not read up on our tips to improve your IELTS band score, the IELTS scores you need for top universities?

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