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Maximise your bedroom and study space: Storage tips w/ Storage King

Are you lacking space in your room or dorm? Maybe you arranged housing a bit too late and have to make do? Or you just haven’t tidied in a while? Storage King share some tips for making the most of your personal space...

Storage for students

'Student living accommodation at many campuses can be small and not very spacious, leading to a cluttered and disorganised university room or flat. Finding the right place to store all the belongings you have been accumulating throughout the academic year might just be our worst nightmare.


Plus students sitting at messy desks are not only less efficient but also can become more frustrated and experiment higher levels of distraction. When you are not organised, loads of extra time is spent in looking for those items that you do not have a clue where you left.


Our friends at Storage King have provided with some great summer storage ideas that will help make the most out of your personal space as well as providing the perfect study environment and excel:


Under bed storage

Under bed storage is the perfect solution to get a bit of extra space for a cluttered room. Wheeled storage boxes can help in making this storage solution quickly accessible for books or other university supplies you may need in your day to day. It will just give you peace of mind to know that all your assignments are safely storage just under your bed while you sleep!



Storage baskets

With summer on the doorstep, students start accumulating plenty of clothes that are probably not going to be worn again until next winter. Storage baskets are a practical solution to separate the new summer clothes from the old ones that end up scattered everywhere, and make access and movement difficult across your bedroom. This will give a sense of a more organised bedroom but also help you prepare quicker in mornings before classes by providing you with a real view of what you really have available in your wardrobe.



Utensil holder

Don’t through away those marmalade jars! They can be an amazingly affordable way of keeping stationary safe and organised on your desk. Glass jars are extremely useful to gather things like USB keys, pens and highlighters. A cheap storage solution that would give a rustic air to your bedroom!



Wall pocket hanging

If lack of space on your tiny desk is your problem there is another storage solution for you- Just look it in the other way round! Stationary and study supplies cannot only be kept on the desk but also be held on the wall without taking up any further studying space. This just requires a couple of nails on the wall and ta dah! All your utensils will be organised, within reach and most importantly, leaving you a nice and clean studying area!



Book storage bin

Spare notes, academic books or notebooks can leave your desk totally covered and cluttered. In order to avoid messy overloaded desks, book storage bins can hold all your studying materials all at once. In order to maximise time, notes can be separated by subject in folders. This will give you quick easy access to your belongings with no more mess and confusion.




However, there are times when a student’s room get piled up with belongings that are not going to be used for a while until the following term begins. Self-storage solutions are a perfect alternative to keep your belongings safe and your room clean until you need the items back for the next academic year. Learn more about student storage solutions from Storage King.'

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Storage for students

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