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4 Benefits of studying Humanities


First of all, humanities can help us think critically, creatively, and help us reason well so that we can gain insight into a variety of subjects and topics. Humanities has been an important field since the times of Ancient Greece, and the knowledge was used to explore poetry, history, culture and the arts.

1. Hone your creative mind

Studying humanities will help you interpret things better and much more clearly. For example, when you look at a piece of painting, you might just think to yourself “it’s just a piece of painting”, but by studying humanities, you will be able to appreciate that piece of painting for what it is and might be able to see through the creation of it and how little aspects of the painting might have profound meanings. Humanities will help you appreciate and find meaning in almost everything you see in the world. Also, through this you will be able to find inspiration from random things which will help you get those creative juices flowing!

2. Improve your social skills

Just like what was mentioned previously, humanities will help you understand things better, and this includes people.  It will help you interpret both the written language and spoken word much better, enhancing your communication skills!

3. Helps you understand the impact of technology, science and medicine

By studying history, philosophy, and literature, you can see how far technology, science and medicine has grown and how important they are in people’s lives. From this, you will then be able to see what kind of impact they will have in the future and how these 3 aspects one with everything as they sustain the life of every human in all sorts of level. This will also allow you to get into these fields with a much better understand and a more open mind.   

4. Become “international”

By being able to understand foreign cultures and foreign languages better, it will be much easier to find common ground with people from other backgrounds. Since globalisation is becoming more and more apparent this is obviously more important as cultures and ethics are converging and people’s cultures becoming more and more similar.


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