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What degrees can you do online?

With much of the world online, it’s only natural that many degrees would be too. This is great news if it’s what you’re looking for. Find out more about the subjects you can study and why an online degree might be right for you.

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If someone had told you that the world would be even more online that it currently is in just a few years, you probably wouldn’t have believed them. A future where many jobs were remote and degrees online felt near, but certainly not that near. 


Fast forward to today, post COVID-19, and we can see that this semi-distant future has been brought forward rapidly.  


While the pandemic had a huge negative impact on many students across the world, from delaying start dates to completely halting the social life new students should experience, it’s safe to say that “normal” university life was completely out of reach during this time.  


However, one positive of this change to student circumstances was the growth of online degrees and being able to continue your studies remotely. Though many students prefer the traditional study experience, online learning allows a much broader range of people to get a degree.  


Perhaps you can’t justify moving abroad or are not able to afford the extra costs that can come with university life. Online degrees allow those who can’t travel so easily to still have many of the opportunities higher education can provide. 


The option to go to university is a great privilege and while it has become easier to access, online study has made it even more so. 


Why choose an online degree? 


If you’re a prospective student looking forward to moving away to university and finding the right student lifestyle for you, it may be confusing to you why someone would want to study online. However, online study allows for a level of flexibility that isn’t found with campus learning. 


Online learning might be the right option for you if you have family commitments at home and therefore can’t travel to a university or need to fit getting your degree around a busy job..  


So, what and where can you study online? 


Undergraduate study  


While something like a nursing degree cannot be fully remote, there are plenty of other subjects that can be. These are becoming more common among undergraduate courses. Some of the universities offering a variety of online undergraduate courses include: 


 Some of the courses that these, and a variety of other universities, offer are: 


Postgraduate study  


Mainly due to the type of students that embark on a postgraduate course, online courses for things like a master’s degree are much more common than their undergraduate counterparts and have only become more so. Therefore, your choice of university in regards to studying a postgraduate degree is much broader. These include: 


Online postgraduate courses are much easier to find and are available in a wider variety of subjects. Even courses that require some physical presence in a university may be able to cater to your needs and provide the majority of study online. 


No matter what your reasons are for wanting your studies to be carried out online, it’s great to know that this is certainly an option for you in many areas of study. It also means that you can apply to certain courses that may have originally been geographically out of reach to you. 


When it comes to online courses abroad, there are some incredible universities to choose from, each with their own specialities and degrees they are known for. While most of these courses will expect students to travel to them, you can find that they may offer online versions for you from the comfort of your own home. 


Whether it’s online or in person, the perfect course is out there for you. 

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