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Perth city guide

A fast-growing and friendly city, discover why international students are choosing Perth for their studies!

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Famous for warm weather, beautiful scenery and world-leading education, it’s no surprise that Australia attracts 8.8 million international visitors each year. Home to three of the world’s top 15 most liveable cities, Australia has heaps to offer for anyone thinking of studying abroad! While Melbourne and Sydney are desirable Australian cities, today we’re going to look at the up and coming city of Perth.


Where can you study in Perth?

Perth is home to several of Australia’s top institutions which are highly respected around the world. Many of these are even part of the top 100 universities in the world! Five of these major institutions in Western Australia are outlined below:



Each of these universities offers world-class education for both Australian and international students. In fact, around 59,000 international students cross over to Perth for their studies each year. Not only is the education system world-renowned but Perth also has a thriving economy and low unemployment rates. Each university has great qualities and so it is worth doing some research to find out which one is best suited to you! Want to find out more information about courses on offer at different institutions in Australia?



Top fields in Perth

Australia has a strong economy in general and Perth is no exception to this rule. The following fields are five of the major industries in Western Australia:


  • Processing and refining of minerals
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Business and government


If you were looking to gain work experience during your course, Perth would be a great city to develop your knowledge and skillset within one of these major fields. Edith Cowan University, for example, offers a careers and employability service where you can connect with employers and companies both during and after your course.


After you graduate, you may be allowed to stay in Australia for up to 18 months to gain work experience, as long as you have completed at least 2 years in higher education. However, you will need to check your visa requirements to make sure.


Although Australia has strict immigration laws, Western Australia has announced a new skilled migration list. This will allow for more talented international students to remain in Australia after their studies.


What is Perth like?

Situated between the Indian Ocean and the vast outback, Perth lies on the sunny west coast of Australia. The people of Perth, also known as “perthites”, can enjoy more hours of sunshine than any other city in Australia. Although Perth has a population of 2.4 million, the city is spacious with a laid-back metropolitan feel. This part of Australia is known for its multicultural society and friendly residents, making this a great setting for an international student.


As one of the most affordable parts of Australia, you can make the most of everything this city has to offer. Whether you enjoy the beach, the city or rural landscapes, Perth has it all!


Another major advantage of living (and studying!) in Perth is that you can easily travel to nearby countries. In fact, Perth is one of the closest cities to South-East Asia. So, why not take a short break from your work by flying to Bali, Bangkok or Singapore? If you aren’t tempted to jet off to another country, then Perth itself has lots to see and do to keep you entertained.




What can you do in Perth?

Perth is surrounded by areas of spectacular natural beauty such as Yanchep National Park. Only a 40-minute drive from the city, the park is home to wildlife such as kangaroos and koala bears. You can also learn about the aboriginal history of the area while you’re there.


Of course, you will be expected to work hard at university and what better way to relax after a day of studying than to watch the sunset at Cottesloe Beach? Just a 20-minute train journey from Perth city centre, this 1km beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists.


If you’re looking for both sand and scenery then you can take a trip to the infamous Rottnest island, just a short ferry ride from Perth and a hot spot for snorkelling, swimming and surfing. The island is also home to quokkas, which are said to be the happiest animals on earth!


Another major appeal of Perth is the amount of green space within the city itself, such as Kings Park; one of the world’s largest inner-city botanical gardens, perfect for a peaceful lunch break. Of course, like most cities, Perth also has many diverse restaurants and cafes to discover. Hospitality is also a great industry to work in during your studies to earn some extra money as shifts tend to be flexible. Want to know more about working part-time during your studies?



Besides natural landscapes, Perth also has a lively arts and culture scene. For example, Fremantle Port City is particularly well known for its artistic community, located just 30 minutes outside of Perth city centre. Or, you can wander around Perth Cultural Centre which houses lots of different art galleries, exhibitions, music and food.


Travel in Perth

It’s easy to make your way around the city of Perth as there is a range of transport options. Make sure you get yourself a SmartRider card which you can top up to travel by bus, train and ferry. You can even travel for free on buses within the Central Business District (CBD), which is an economical way to explore the city! Although Perth is often described as an isolated city due to its location, you can easily access other parts of Australia by plane.


Student safety in Perth

With a low crime rate and friendly community, Perth is considered to be a safe city for students. Every institution in Perth has 24/7 security on campus, which can be reassuring if you’re moving to a new country for the first time.


If you’re feeling inspired to study in Perth, start your study abroad journey by browsing courses here!

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