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Where to study in the UK that's NOT London

Want to study in the UK but not in London? We understand; the cost, the tourists and the traffic can all put students off. Read our guide to some British cities you may not have heard of...


While most international students who come to the UK are drawn to London, not everyone is so amoured with the hustle-bustle of London life - which is understandable.


Here we highlight some alternative study destinations in the UK if you want to be a little different...



Manchester has a thriving arts and music scene that transcends all genres from Indie cool to high cheese – its four main theatres often stage West End musical hits, for example… if that’s your thing. The city is packed with students – about a quarter of a million of them actually – so as you’d expect, the nightlife has a party atmosphere and is truly original. Put simply, the city has more pubs, bars and restaurants per head than anywhere else in Europe.


Best bit -  There are three universities to choose from: University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford, not to mention the Royal Northern College of Music. A bit further out, there’s the shiny new University of Bolton too.


Worst bit -  An occasional downside is that with two massive football grounds in close proximity to the city, match days can make travelling around a bit of a hassle, and unadvisable if it’s late and you’re alone. However, if you’re a football fan, this might not be such a bad thing.



If the picture of Bath you have in your head is of gentlefolk standing around in tearooms discussing the healing waters, you’ll be in for a bit of a shock. Of course it is quite posh, but Bath is also a lighthearted, unpretentious and beautiful city with plenty of student hangouts away from the tourist trail. The University is also rather good at sports and its award-winning Sports Training Village was used by Team GB, Paralympics GB and Malaysian athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics.


Best bit -  Bath is one of England’s most popular film locations, especially the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent, the Assembly Rooms, and the Circus. In recent years it has been the backdrop for BBC drama Larkrise to Candleford and the movies Vanity Fair, Persuasion, Dracula and The Duchess have attracted stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Judi Dench, Amitabh Bachchan and Kiera Knightley to Bath.


Worst bit -  Bath University campus is about two miles out of town and doesn’t share any of the city’s aesthetic beauty – it’s more of a 60s concrete mishmash in fact. However, renting in town is exorbitantly expensive… beauty doesn’t come cheap.



It’s in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the wildness of the Grampian highlands, but Aberdeen is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Aberdeen University dates back to 1495 and students mingle happily with the hardy kilt-wearing locals (ok, well perhaps they don’t wear traditional dress all the time, but we like to think they do). Don’t worry too much about the weather – there’s always the famous Scottish whisky to warm you up. Or if that’s not your thing, a pint costs about £2.20. Bargain.



Best bit -  The city is very pretty and has won the Beautiful Britain in Bloom title no less than 10 times.


Worst bit -  It’s very cold. If you are coming from a country that normally enjoys a warm climate, be warned: the Scottish weather will take a wee while to get used to.



The third largest city in Wales, Newport is being redeveloped fast and is surrounded by stunning countryside. The University of Wales, Newport has two campuses at Caerleon and Allt-yr-yn and work is well underway on a new city centre campus based on the banks of the River Usk.


Best bit -  Newport’s the place to be if you’re interested in golf. In October, the Ryder Cup will be hosted by the Celtic Manor Resort, just minutes away from Newport city centre.


Worst bit -  It’s the birthplace of Goldie Looking Chain. If you haven’t heard of them already, check them out on Youtube.



Norwich is a pretty cathedral city with a relaxed, student-friendly atmosphere. The main draw to Norwich as far as students go is the University of East Anglia. A couple of miles out of town, UEA is probably not the place to go if you thrive on high-octane excitement as it’s possible for freshers to become enmeshed in its campus bubble and never leave, but the majority of students who go fall in love with the place and become East Anglians for life.



Best bit -  UEA holds an event called the inter-school Ziggurat Challenge. This involves hundreds of students and staff taking part in sporting events like a tug-of-war. Due to its cathedral, castle and proximity to the miles of lakes, waterways and fenland that make up the Norfolk Broads, Norwich is a hotspot for tourists, so if you’re family want to come over and visit, you won’t have to go far for a quintessentially English daytrip.


Worst bit -  Trains. Travelling to Norwich from around England is infamously subject to delays, particularly on a Sunday.



Birmingham is becoming one of the most popular choices of university in the UK and it’s no coincidence. The shopping’s great, the nightlife could almost rival London’s, it has more canals than Venice, and is renowned for its curry culture. There is a range of universities to choose from, including the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and University College Birmingham.


Best bit -  Great shopping, great food and a real mixture of cultures. One of the most cosmopolitan places outside of London.


Worst bit -  The accent will take some getting used to. If you think you can speak English now, you may have to learn all over again once you arrive!


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