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THE USA: Applying to University

Top Tips: Social Media and your application

Find out whether your social media profiles have an influence on your university application and how you should engage with a university online.

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When you’re in the process of applying to a university you may not give that much thought to your social media profiles. Remember that your profiles are in the public domain and therefore the way in which you present yourself can be important. We went in search of some answers as to whether admissions officers actively research and evaluate the social media profiles of prospective students during the application process. Is it really one of the resources that they make use of? 




Online candidate research


When it comes to conducting research into your social media profiles and online activity, most institutions do not prioritise doing so. In dealing with a high volume of applicants, there isn’t really enough time for admissions officers to conduct such research. They will only do so if it is directly applicable to your application or if you bring their attention to your profile. It’s much more important that you interact with and on university social media channels and with admisisons officers. They are there to assist and facilitate your application, including answering questions. 




Admissions officers are interested in seeing what conversations you are getting involved in and what questions you are asking,  and a lot less so with what you do in your personal life.If you have been interacting quite frequently with a university on social media then it is more likely that an admissions officer may glance at your profile in the latter stages of your application. It's more essential that you have the correct documents included with your appication and have completed all the necessary procedures. 


Post prudently 


Although your social media profiles are not the primary concern of a university when you’re applying you still need to be careful with what you post online. You do want to make sure that you steer away from controversy or anything that may breach a university’s code of conduct or the law as this can prejudice your application. One of the other ways that you can augment your online profile is by starting a blog or website about your student experience and educational aspirations. It can add that little bit extra to your application that makes it stand out.  Proactivity online is key, if you’re engaged and participating chances are you’ll be noticed. 



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