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No country is the same throughout. Things vary significantly from region to region in terms of attitudes, geography, people and culture. Find out about what it is like to be an everyday resident in the US, including how you would get around and what there is to do for fun!

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What does the USA offer international students?

The USA continues to attract the largest number of international students year after year, now welcoming more than one million to its world-renowned universities and colleges. In addition to its prestigious reputation for academic excellence, the USA has plenty of unique experiences and opportunities to offer international students. Here we explore what exactly makes the USA such a desirable study location.   World-leading universities You’ve probably heard of the


The best postgraduate institutions in the USA

The decision to study for a postgraduate degree can be motivated by several factors. You may be interested in pursuing a subject out of interest for research in the field or applying the knowledge that you gain in real-world scenarios. Perhaps you’re aiming to improve your career prospects and earnings or wish to undertake the degree as it’s essential for entry into your desired profession.   Whatever your motivation, you’ll naturally be searching for an institution that


The top universities in the USA

When evaluating any study abroad destination you’ll want to get an idea of the higher education landscape, including the institutions that are highly ranked and rated. Offering some of the top universities in the world, excellent teaching quality, a great student experience and a world-renowned university culture the USA remains a firm favourite for international students. In this article, we take you through the top universities in the USA and some of the reasons why the institutions


Top 5 best student cities in the USA

Part of the experience of studying abroad is getting to immerse yourself in a new environment and culture. While picking a good university is important, a part of that decision will be influenced by where the institution is located. If you’re like most students you’ll want a vibrant student life outside of the classroom, with things to keep you active and engaged. With lots of international students selecting the USA as their go-to destination, we give you the rundown on the top 10