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No country is the same throughout. Things vary significantly from region to region in terms of attitudes, geography, people and culture. Find out about what it is like to be an everyday resident in the US, including how you would get around and what there is to do for fun!

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Verdict rendered: The top postgraduate institutions in the US judged

The decision to study a postgraduate degree can be motivated by a number of factors. You may be interested in pursuing a subject out of interest for research in the field or to apply the knowledge that you gain in real world scenarios. Perhaps you’re aiming to improve your career prospects and earnings, or wish to undertake the degree as it’s essential for entry into your desired profession. Whatever your motivation, you’ll naturally be searching for an institution that offers


My study abroad story: Vietnam to America

Each year, more than 1.2 million students from around the world choose to study in the USA. That’s more than the entire population of Vietnam. The USA is also home to some of the most highly acclaimed universities in the world. According to the World University Rankings 2019 , seven of the top ten best institutions in the world are based in the USA, including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Princeton

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Why are international student numbers in America so high?

While the UK has experienced a steep decline in their number of incoming international students in the last year, America can proudly declare the opposite . In the academic year 2011-2012, over 760,000 students from abroad studied in America. This is excellent news for not just the education community, but the nation as a whole; in a recession, these students brought with them just under $23 billion for the nation’s economy. This news indicates that America remains a

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10 Best American university campuses

Alex  in our American office, offers her take on the most visually-exciting campuses in America, which will make you go 'wow'. One of the reasons international students choose the United States as their education abroad destination is the aesthetic variety.  From sea to shining sea, from purple majesties to fruited plains, the U.S. offers unique travel experiences to international students. These sceneries of American college campuses, featuring brick