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The basics

The US: Applying to university

Are you ready to apply? Not quite sure yet? When applying to the US, there are several factors to take into consideration including the country’s education system and study culture – it’s likely very different to what you’re used to, but then that’s why you’ve chosen to study abroad after all! Let us enlighten you as to how things are done in the US and what you can expect, so your application has the very best chance of being accepted.

Must read

What is the SAT exam?

During your exploration of potential study abroad destinations, we’re pretty confident you would have considered the USA. You would have noticed that universities in the USA have a set of entry requirements for international students, from English language criteria to academic qualifications. In addition, some universities require students to sit for the SAT exam to gain entry onto a degree course. We take a look at what the SAT exam involves, what it covers and what you can expect if