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The US: Applying to university

Are you ready to apply? Not quite sure yet? When applying to the US, there are several factors to take into consideration including the country’s education system and study culture – it’s likely very different to what you’re used to, but then that’s why you’ve chosen to study abroad after all! Let us enlighten you as to how things are done in the US and what you can expect, so your application has the very best chance of being accepted.

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'What makes a university application stand out?' [VIDEO]

Admissions officers process hundreds of applications each semester, so it’s important to make yours stand out. Watch the video below as Richard O’Rourke, an admissions officer at Northern State University explains how to make your university application stand out in a positive way, and why students enrolled in Intensive English courses are looked upon favourably. If you found it useful, give it a LIKE and take a look at the list of useful links beneath it.

IELTS speaking test

Prepare for the IELTS speaking test

The speaking portion of the IELTS exam (or any exam for that matter) can be the most intimidating because it puts the test-taker on the spot – there’s less time to think about your response and you’re in a one-on-one scenario with a stranger (who can seem a little scary).   Don’t be too concerned! Read our full guide to the speaking test so you feel more confident...     Structure The speaking test is actually very short – it’s only about

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Admissions in America w/ University of Hartford

Can you give the “perfect timeline” for an international student thinking of applying to the US? 'When I’m speaking with students I recommend that they begin 10-15 months prior to when they actually want to start their university programme.  That might sound like a long time but when we speak to students on arrival we ask them how they did their research, the students who feel most confident began in their final year of high school/secondary school or even a little bit before