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The US: Subject Guides

Can’t decide on what to study? It’s a common problem. Our guides below shine a spotlight on all those subjects and areas you could study in the US. Learn more about what these courses cover; hear what the professors enjoy most about teaching them; and see what exciting areas graduates have progressed on to.

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Dance and Theatre in America: Broadway

The term 'Broadway' refers to 'Broadway Theatre' and its location in Manhattan, New York. This district hosts 40 prominent theatres, and is considered the American equivalent of London's 'West End'. Broadway lies between 41st and 53rd Street, and Sixth and Ninth Avenue. Basking the streets in fluorescent colours their neon signs and marquees advertising their shows, the theatre district may be the part of New York - the city which doesn't sleep - which shines brightest.  


Teaching: Could you survive a classroom?

Many don't realise that they would make excellent teachers until it's pointed out to them by those who know them well. Teachers at all levels are valuable because they not only inspire future students, but every parent wants their child to have the very best education - not many parents would be happy to see their child's teacher replaced with a machine (as is the case with more and more professions and sectors in the 21st century). Plus, as a teacher, you are in


America's top 5 MBA programmes

The United States continues to be a top destination for international students seeking a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Looking at the list of MBA courses below and the alumni they have produced, is enough to get inspired! Not all MBA courses are the same across all schools and universities, so finding one that is tailored to your needs and goals is important. Have a look at what the top programmes offer students, and consider this when searching for your MBA