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Can’t decide on what to study? It’s a common problem. Our guides below shine a spotlight on all those subjects and areas you could study in the US. Learn more about what these courses cover; hear what the professors enjoy most about teaching them; and see what exciting areas graduates have progressed on to.

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Field of Computer and Mathematical Sciences

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects have been the center of demand and focus over the past few years especially with the increasing influence of technology in all fields of work. The scope for study of computer and mathematical sciences has thus been on the rise.   Career Options There is no field nowadays, that is not influenced by information technology and computing. Fields of work including medicine, engineering, architecture and


Student insights: Studying medicine in the US

I first moved to the U.S. to study an English course and chose to move to Dallas in Texas because I had some relatives nearby. I had always intended to pursue a course in medicine and had done extensive research into healthcare programmes at various institutions. I settled on Texas Woman’s University both for its location and the flexibility of courses, especially the biology and chemistry modules I took in combination in order to make my degree application .