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The basics

The US: Visa Guides

Not having the correct immigration documentation can create a lot of hassle, and in the very worst case, can result in you being removed from the US before you complete your studies. Navigating the visa process may not be the most exciting part of your study abroad preparation, but it is still absolutely essential! Let us break things down for you so you have everything covered.

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Student Insights: Post-study visa options in America

Part of the process of evaluating the potential of an overseas study destination is taking into account what sort of career opportunities may exist once you’ve graduated.  If you’ve been considering the U.S. as your study abroad option, it’s important that you’re in the know regarding post-study work visas and working rights in the country. We sat down with Taro, an international student from Japan, who told us about his experience of studying in the U.S. and what advice he has


How to apply for a student visa in the USA

The USA, where each state has something unique to offer, is home to some of the most well-regarded academic institutions in the world. It’s not surprising that its intake of international students every year is higher than any other country.   Although the USA is known for its strict visa rules, take comfort in the fact that the effort will be worth it. Our guide is here to make the process simpler for you and help ease your mind.   Which visa is right

post-study visa options in the US

How to apply for a post-study visa in the USA

If you are an international student in the USA and are nearing the end of your course, you may find yourself asking the question – what next? The country has an excellent higher education system and is a good country to live in, but its strict immigration laws can be difficult to understand. We are here to help you. In this article, we explore the post-study visa options in the USA and the application process.   What is Optional Practical Training? As a graduate