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Language Skills at the Language Skills English Centre (US)


We spoke to Patrick Cutrona of the Language Skills English Centre in Boston (US), to find out why both the Centre and Boston specifically are the perfect setting in America to perfect your English language skills.



What are the objectives of the course?

'Language Skills offers a number of different courses designed to meet the needs of students of all ages and level.'



How would you summarise your language school?

'Language Skills English Centre is a communicative-based English school, which is home to a tight-knit community of instructors and students who are committed to the students’ acquisition and understanding of English. At Language Skills though, we take a communicative approach to teaching and learning. We also provide our students with in-depth instruction in grammar structure and use through contextual examples. Whether in the Core, Communication, TOEFL, or Business English lessons, students are provided with progressive and relevant facilitation by highly qualified instructors who understand the needs of those learning another language.'



What are the advantages of studying in the USA for international students?

'Studying in the United States is the goal of tens of millions of students all around the world and when most students think of education in the US, they think of its educational centre, Boston. The city of Boston, from the early history of the Commonwealth to today, has been famous for its higher education. In the early 18th century there were more university-educated citizens of New England colonies than there were in all of England. Establishments such as Harvard, MIT, BC, BU, and dozens more have made Boston the obvious choice for undergraduates and grad students from all over the US and the world.     

Studying in the US and Boston enables students to have an all inclusive emersion experience, living with and around real English speakers, being bombarded with English advertisements, and pulled into the super fan tornado which is Boston sports culture. Students can experience pieces of American history and art in one of the country’s oldest, historically affluent, and most unique regions of the world.             

When it comes down to it, nothing can substitute a full emersion program in the country whose language you are learning. In today’s every globalising world, employers are seeking culturally relativistic employees who understand not only the complexities of international economics, politics and language; but it is becoming ever more important for us to understand each other, to see what lies under the surface. Studying in the US, being exposed to its rich cultures and learning about not only the system here, but in other countries as well, provides students with experience and an independence that cannot be taught in any classroom or professional development seminar.'



How do you think students can prepare best to enjoy cultural experience of studying abroad?

'We encourage students to participate in the full study abroad experience, which includes taking a full semester of lessons and living in Boston with a host family. We want our students to get as much as they possibly can while they are here, and there is no better way of doing that than living with an American family. In addition to this, students and instructors are both encouraged to plan school-wide events after lessons, which range from walking Boston’s famous Freedom trail, to taking a tour of the Museum of Fine Arts or WGBH headquarters.


If students really want a cultural experience while studying abroad, nothing compares to grabbing a Fenway Frank for a seventh-inning-stretch on top of the Green Monster, watching America’s favorite team play America’s pastime; or a verse of “Sweet Caroline” with a box of Cracker Jacks in the 8th. If America’s pastime, baseball does not interest you, there are a few other championship teams which play here. From the Celtics in basketball and Bruins in hockey, to the New England Patriots in American football – sports culture in Boston is  strong and can be seen in the clothing of countless Bostonians. We are proud of our city and we wear it wherever we go. Boston has not only deep rooted New England and American values, but since its incorporation, Boston has been welcoming countless generations of immigrants and foreign visitors who have helped to build this great city into what we see today.    


Boston is home to a number of different museums, which cover a wide range of topics. From the Museum of Fine Arts, hosting masterpieces from all periods of art, to the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, De Cordova Sculpture Garden, and the Tea Party of Boston Museum; there are a myriad ways to spend your winter days. Boston is also one of the fine dining capitals of the US; and because of our strong immigrant populations, which date back from the mid 1600s, you can find something to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. For those who are more interested in having a drink, a number of craft beer breweries and mixology bars call Boston their home.'



What career options are open to international graduates from your language school? What have your graduates gone onto after graduating?

'As noted before, Boston is the educational centre of the United States offering literally hundreds of options for higher education. Students can spend their days studying in intensive English classes, and be surrounded by native speakers. On top of that, they can tour a wide range of campuses allowing them to make a real educated decision about their future. Just a few minutes from Language Skills sits Harvard, MIT, Berkley and a number of other universities, which students can tour and apply to. Boston is not only known for its educational institutions, but also for its rich business culture, both small and corporate. Because of its historical and modern importance to the US and the world, hundreds of multinational companies and organisations call Boston’s booming financial centre their home.'



How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/ or further study?          

'Part of the reason some many students come to Language Skills and Boston is because once you are here you have already got your foot in the door. Because of its convenient location, Language Skills is perfect for those who are looking to earn a degree. If a student wanted to, he or she could visit a different educational facility every afternoon for 2 months without leaving the Greater Boston Area.'


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