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Justin Epley
10 Aug 2015 123 2 mins Share

5 Tips to Build a Teaching Career

Want to build a career in teaching? Check this article on how to build a teaching career with these 5 tips!

10 Aug 2015 123 2 mins Share
Justin Epley
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Continue to learn

As with any job it is sometimes all too easy to settle into a routine and a comfortable way of life where you enjoy the job you do and even get a reasonable element of job satisfaction. If you want to further your teaching career and have the chance of acquiring a better job with better pay that you might actually enjoy more than the one you have right now, then you must continue to learn new skills. Try to adopt a philosophy that you should never stop learning, if there is an academic subject that you not overly familiar with or feel that you could improve on then enrol in courses that will improve your knowledge and skills. This will help to open new doors in your career as you acquire greater skills and also help you to improve your existing students at the same time.

Follow your passion

When you first start out in the teaching profession then you may have to take a position teaching a subject that may not be your first choice but as your career develops try to secure a role teaching a subject that you are really passionate about. Your students will benefit greatly from being taught a subject that you have a genuine interest in and doing what you love will make you a better person and a better teacher, which will get you noticed when it comes to career opportunities.

Embrace change

We are always evolving as a person and as much as you may love your teaching career there is more than likely some element of the job that you don’t like such as the location, the number of students you are teaching or maybe your pay is lower than you feel it should be. Many of us learn to accept that nothing is going to be perfect but there is always the opportunity in teaching to embrace change and you should always be prepared to consider new challenges and roles if you want to progress your career.

Widen your goals

Most teaching jobs have an element of restrictions that are there for obvious reasons, such as rules and regulations which have to be adhered to but that should not stop you looking for opportunities to widen your targets and goals for improving standards and getting more out of your role as a teacher. Consider starting an extracurricular club or study group which will give you a little more educational freedom to work with and also improve how you feel about your career and your longer term prospects for promotion and at the same time, improve your teaching skills as well.

Positive thoughts

There are generally some negative aspects of any job and a teaching career can very challenging and can sometimes lead you to question why you are taking on the role of teaching. You already know the answer to that question, it is because you have a passion for education and rather than focus on the negative aspects of the job, highlight the positives and try to remind yourself on a regular basis why you are a teacher. Keeping a positive focus will help you gain respect and admiration from colleagues and students and is also a great asset when it comes to building a successful teaching career.

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