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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
10 Aug 2015 3.2K 3 mins Share

A Career in Interior Design

Take up a program in interior design; have a look at the numerous interior designing programs listed on our site from various countries across the globe.

10 Aug 2015 3.2K 3 mins Share

Home decoration isn’t just what interior design is all about. It’s more than just knowing the the right style and colour, it’s about creation of beautiful and functional interior spaces in different kinds of settings from public spaces, houses, and also commercial places such as restaurants, shopping malls, shops, offices, and leisure venues. 

ABC’s of Interior Design 

Efficiency of use in texture, colour, light, pattern, space, and texture is key in interior designing. It is up to the interior designer to give the final touch through its flooring, furnishing, covering and furniture. 
Interior design is not just about what you see when you enter the room but how well a space is decorated. This reflects on personal taste and even status, in many cases. So, what makes a home a house is in the hands of the interior designer! Only an interior designer will know how to make use of various colour schemes and designing of furnishings and furniture along with right manipulation of space and light to help get that “home sweet home” feel. 
Take up a program in interior design; have a look at the numerous interior designing programs listed on our site from various countries across the globe. 

Colourful Curricula

Generally an interior design program will take you through creative interiors, design communications, architectural design principles, interior environments, design technology, commercial interior design, building surveying, and much more.

Must-Know Facts! 

Before you start your student journey though, these are a few basic must-know facts for you about this creative field. 

Basic Biz 

Let’s face some facts here! Design is just going to remain a fraction of work and some other major business tasks that will keep your designing days occupied are: tax preparation, monthly invoicing, daily billing, keeping track of profits, contract negotiating, and employee- hiring.

Your ‘Rep’

Sure you could have the most fantastic designs ever but all your efforts will come crashing down if you don’t know how to project yourself well to prospective clients. Presentation in a field like this is crucial, starting from your attire to your attitude, everything makes a difference. 


You must have the willingness to invest in items such as business cards, basic stationary and such necessary items. You can make money only if you invest money; that’s how the business world rolls!  

Flexi Work

This field demands that you put client’s needs before your very own. Being available round the clock, be it weekends or even holidays, is the kind of commitment that will take you to the top. Remember: time is money! You can charge by the hour so that’s something that will keep you motivated to put in that extra time needed. 

What You Will Be

Interestingly, there are various lines of work involved in interior design that many seem to be ignorant of. 

Interior Designers

Design professionals who’ve completed a diploma or a degree in 3D design are eligible to become interior designers. Interior designers have scope of show casing their architectural expertise in the industry’s higher end by working on interiors of hotels or luxury homes. Interior designers are expected to work alongside engineers, architects, and contractors. 

Interior Architects

Straddling the middle ground between architecture and interior design, is interior architecture. Interior architects usually have to study for a period of three to four years. The study programmes generally cover project development skills, practical space planning, and CAD- based technical drawings. 

Interior Stylists or Decorators

As the name suggests, stylists are more involved in dressing up of space and is concerned more with decoration and surface design rather than construction. This involves the kind of interior design that will be visible only for a temporary period of time, mostly for publicity and marketing purposes.
Interior decorators don’t need to have had a formal qualification and mostly interior decorators are those that are in the field as a hobby and have working hours to suit their own needs. They charge much less than interior designers generally.

International Salaries 

Now that we’ve had a look at the basics in this field, let’s now have a peek at the pay scales of interior designers internationally. 

The UK 

The general salary for an interior designer in the UK: £18,000 annually (for trainees), £30,000 annually (for those with experience), and £60,000 or even more annually for senior interior designers. Self employed interior designers make about £25 per hour in the UK. 

The US

In the USA, interior designers generally make around US$ 25,000 to US$ 30,000 initially on an annual basis. After having gained two to three years of work experience, they can earn around US$ 30,000 to US$ 40,000. On gaining five to eight years of experience, they can get about US$ 35,000 to US$ 55,000 annually. Senior designers with nearly ten years of experience will easily get between US$ 55,000 to US$ 70,000.


In Aus, interior designers generally get starting salaries of around $43,500 annually and average salaries are typically around $50,000 annually. Senior interior designers can make nearly $ 62,000 annually. 
This is interior design for you in a nut shell. If you think you have it in you to creatively transform spaces and build homes and buildings don’t hold back. To build away, start applying now! 
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