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what next after engineering?
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08 Oct 2018 791 Book icon 4 mins Share

What next after engineering? [students who want to switch over to a new career]

After completing your engineering degree, you may want to switch over to a new degree and start your career afresh

08 Oct 2018 791 Book icon 4 mins Share
what next after engineering?

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” 

― Scott Adams (a comic strip creator)

We sometimes tend to think of becoming someone else or follow an offbeat path. For example, an engineering graduate feels like giving up his subject and becoming a wildlife photographer (thinking that’s his call) or a medical student feels like studying an MBA because he’s frustrated with the musings of human biology and anatomy. 

Or a student who wants to start a career in life sciences realises that turning to writing is the only way out to breathe and live freely. Been there, done that. 

Here we talk about the engineering graduates who want to do something unique and different after completing their degree, rather spending rest of their lives as engineers.

Students who switch over from engineering do so because of any of the following reasons:

  1. They loved the idea of studying engineering earlier. Now, they no longer enjoy the subject.
  2. The subject was forced down on them, for some reason, and now they want to be free from it. 
  3. They had a lot of hope on the subject, but now they find it boring.
  4. They always had some other interests, apart from engineering, but could never voice their opinion. 

Alternative career options after engineering:

One of my closest friends who happened to be an engineering graduate slowly understood that he’s not a best fit for that degree. Instead he had a self-realisation that his love for exploring places can become his profession. Soon after this thought drugged his mind, he opened a travel agency and did a good business. Later, he studied travel and tourism abroad to expand his knowledge in the sector; he went on to work with some of the best tourism industries in the world. And he never regretted! 

Starting afresh with a new career could be daunting. It needs a fair knowledge and understanding of the subject; therefore it’s better to take up the subject and obtain a degree in it to make a better career out of it. 

So what are those courses available abroad that will help you move on to a different field once you finish your engineering. 

Study logistics and supply chain management abroad

Imagine the common salt placed on the table in your dining area. Do you know what brings it there? There are several people who are responsible for not just safe transportation of manufactured goods, but also ensure that the whole chain of supply of goods is recorded and maintained. These people work in the logistics and supply chain sector. The job also involves managing raw materials and monitoring the production lines. 

If you’re looking to study logistics after your engineering degree because you find it thrilling, then we can help you.

You can look for logistics courses at these universities:

Study business and management abroad

There’s a saying that most engineers become good CEOs. In fact, some of the notable personalities were engineers first and then businessmen, such as Henry Ford, Jimmy Carter and Thomas Edison. 

What makes most engineers become good businessmen and overall good leaders? Their analytical minds and the ability to take up risks with calculated measures make them stand out. Also, engineers tend to have a more realistic approach to problem solving, which makes them better business leaders. 

You can choose to study business and management at these universities:

  • La Trobe University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • University of Buckingham
  • Aberystwyth University

However, some universities abroad offer a dual programme in engineering and business. You may choose to study such programmes as it can save you from making high investments.

Study marketing abroad

Engineering graduates can move on to study marketing courses abroad. There are different types of marketing courses, such as digital, advertising, finance or sales. 

You can look for marketing courses at the following universities

Study finance and banking abroad

Finance and banking is the subject of choice for students who like the idea of dealing with financial systems and resources. Their interest could be due to some deep-rooted knowledge about the financial operations in the world or could be due to an inherent passion of following someone’s footsteps in the banking sector. 

You can choose to study finance and banking at the following universities:

  • University of Dundee
  • Aberystwyth University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Glasgow
  • Swinburne University of Technology

Study travel and tourism abroad

The choice to study travel and tourism is not restricted to avid travellers. Travel and tourism is no longer a hidden sector. It has been explored explicitly by people from various backgrounds. 

You can choose to study travel and tourism at the following universities:

  • University of West London 
  • Ulster University
  • University of Wollongong

With the rising global environmental challenges, this sector has evolved and looks forward to thrive in a more sustainable way. 

Other areas

Switching from engineering to technical writing is a common sight. And some of the universities that you can consider for your technical writing education abroad are as follows:

  • Virginia Tech
  • Madonna University
  • University of Limerick

Giving up engineering to pursue writing is not a bad idea, especially when you think you can be better putting your words and thoughts on paper. 

Intellectual property rights, in short IPR is everything in the modern world and is a widely chosen field by many engineering graduates. Whatever you invent or discover has to be protected against theft and misuse. An entrepreneur needs to protect his or her patent or intellectual property as much as a scientist needs to.

A patent or an intellectual property could be a novel idea, drug, tool, etc. that can be copied or stolen easily so it’s important to preserve its originality and prevent it from misuse. IPR is an already high-demanding field. With advancements in science and technology, the demand is higher than ever. 

Bottom line

The information is not meant to distract you from studying your current engineering degree. It's meant to give you an idea on what might suit you best as an alternative to engineering.  

However, there are a few engineering courses that can help you build interdisciplinary skills. This means, you don't necessarily need to switch over from every engineering course that you study, instead build something concrete from where you are.

Choosing another degree over your previous engineering degree doesn’t mean that your engineering education is wasted. Any subject that you study could be useful at some point in time. If not for you, it could be useful for others. Always remember that ‘what goes around comes back in a new form’. 

Have more questions and doubts about choosing an alternative career rather an engineering? You can speak to us and we’ll guide you further. 

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