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03 Sep 2015 8.5K 2 mins Share

Career options for electronic engineering graduates

Electronic Engineers can start their own business by manufacture electronic parts, goods and components. They can also start a repair or assembly shop for television receivers, amplifiers etc.

03 Sep 2015 8.5K 2 mins Share
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If you are keen to make a change in the engineering field and want to find practical solutions to problems then the career which you should take up is electronic engineering. It is electronic engineers who have been behind the invention of the television, radio, computers and telecommunication devices. They also help in improving the economy of the country as they find ways to make various industries increase their productivity. Even important industries like healthcare depend on electronic engineers as it is the electronic devices that help to get the results from chemical tests and to check body functions. Even the safety of our homes relies heavily on electronic devices. 

Work Environment for Electronic Engineers
This field of engineering witnesses constant changes and is a labor-intensive industry. Students who have a creative and inventive mind and who have are excellent in Physics and Mathematics can excel as electronic engineers and can make it a lucrative career. Electronic engineers will work with the team and will be involved in the process of designing, producing and testing products till it reaches the stage of mass-production with ease.
What to study to become an Electronic Engineers?
There are various courses on Electronic Engineering offered by top rated Universities across the globe.In order to start your career as an electronic engineer you have to have a B.E or B.Tech degree in electronics engineering. If you want to go up the ladder or want to do research or teach in a college then a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering is a must. An MBA along with the undergraduate degree will give an edge if you are keen on going the administrative or management way. 
California State University, Florida State University, Central Michigan University, Massachusetts University, Marshall University and University of Cincinnati are some of the popular institution offering electronic engineering related courses.
Career Options for Electronic Engineers
Central Electronics Ltd., Indian Railways, Atomic Energy Commission, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Directorate General Posts, All India Radio, Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, AIR, Civil Aviation Department, Post and Telegraph Department, Co-ordination Department, National Physical Laboratory, Bharat Electronics Limited and Telegraphs Departments etc are some of the best options to start your career as an electronic engineer. You will also be in demand in armed forces. You can also opt to take up teaching or research either in India or abroad. You can also start your own business by manufacturing electronic parts. 
Electronic Engineers can start their own business by manufacturing electronic components. They can also start a repair or assembly shop for television receivers, amplifiers, recording equipment etc. Since electronics is a labour-intensive and talent-oriented field, it gives high returns for a given initial investment. Loan facilities are offered by banks and Small Scale Industries Development Corporations for starting a business. 
As a fresher and with just the bachelor’s degree to your credit your pay can vary from Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/-  per month. As you gain experience, your salary will improve based on your skills and ability to learn and implement your ideas.

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