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Antony Chacko
20 Jul 2015 1.4K 2 mins Share

Fishing in Iceland or Kerala- Know more about Fisheries

A master’s degree in fisheries is the ideal method to acquire awareness of the issues concerning fishing and aquatic resources worldwide.

20 Jul 2015 1.4K 2 mins Share
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Know more about Fisheries

If you don’t mind things getting ‘fishy’ and have always been keen on aquaculture, then a course in fisheries might be just the thing for you to combine your passion with an exciting academic and career option! There are plenty of opportunities and choices for students who wish to pursue fisheries courses abroad in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia etc. A master’s degree in fisheries is the ideal method to acquire awareness of the issues concerning fishing and aquatic resources worldwide and develop the skills that are required to manage and undertake research in the related area.

Fisheries courses also provide students with the practical know-how to become technicians within related fields and industries, such as Aquaculture which includes the specialist study of regional specific aquatic organisms, whether fish, molluscs or crustacean stocks. Successful completion of an integrated aquaculture course equips students with specific skills, such as water quality testing and analysis, algal and live feed techniques, animal husbandry and disease prevention, which in turn open up career prospects as aquaculture/fish farm technician’s assistant. The significant difference between aquaculture and fisheries is that while aquaculturists are responsible for the production and breeding of all varieties of commercial aquatic species, fishery professionals focus more on commercial operations such as processing and marketing.

Most undergraduate programs in fisheries provide students with the knowledge base, skill sets and hands-on experience to obtain positions within the fishing and seafood processing industries. Graduates will be qualified to work for traditional fisheries, both marine and freshwater, fisheries education and outreach, or as social scientists.

Master’s courses tend to focus on various aspects of the marine and fishery industry, such as inland and freshwater aquaculture, commercial fish production technology, fish processing and post harvest technology, storage of fresh and processed seafood etc. Career choices abound for graduates in private seafood companies, agricultural universities, state fishery departments and research organisations. If you’re the kind that prefers self-employment, then you could perhaps set up a hatchery unit, export sea food, breed fish professionally and so on.

The United Kingdom offers a range of fisheries and fisheries management courses for students from around the world. Entry into a postgraduate fisheries course has its own set of procedures though, with quite a few institutions checking for practical work experience, knowledge of fishing and the fishing industry in the UK and overseas and a demonstrated interest in the environment, especially in rivers and lakes.

The USA has plenty of universities and colleges which offer integrated training in fisheries science. Fisheries students in the USA get ample opportunities for research, as most of the outdoor and practical research projects are carried out around the northeast reach of the Pacific Ocean. Courses in the USA are ideal for improving outdoor experiences in fisheries science, as well as related areas such as aquatic biology and aquatic ecology.

Australia, with its abundant natural resources, ideal marine locations and state-of-the art infrastructure, is well-placed to take advantage of the increasing global scope for fisheries and related industries. Fisheries and aquaculture is currently a thriving career option in and around Australia, and that explains the varied range of fisheries courses on offer across the country. This has also led to a boost in career opportunities in food and agriculture-based industries, wildlife biology, government environmental monitoring, environmental consulting and museums. Not too far away, New Zealand is another other popular study abroad destination for fisheries, featured on Hotcourses India.

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