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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
12 Aug 2015 3.1K 2 mins Share

What's the big deal between IT and Computer Science?

Find out some of the most basic difference between Computer Science and IT.

12 Aug 2015 3.1K 2 mins Share

This is the digital era, where you can keep in touch with virtually anyone across the globe and learn about current events as they take place; globalisation is peaking as never before. So if you are considering getting into computer science or IT, it could very well be a sound career choice. These two fields might seem similar but they offer specialisations in contrastingly different areas and offer different subjects.

Information Technology (IT) pervades the world and has found its usage in our everyday lives. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and securely retrieve information.

Information Technology deals with the managing of information systems of computers through a mix of various processes such as programming, software and hardware administration, networking, technical support and so on. 

Whatever be the previous qualification you have with you, an IT course always adds extra points. IT programs basically teach students how to develop web applications, software products, and information systems.

Computer Science, less commonly known as Computing Science, deals with the actual design of the machines and its involved processes. Computer Science explores basic designs of computers and its theoretical areas of computation. This vast field has its roots in mathematics, electrical engineering, and linguistics.

Computer Science has various subfields that deal with the application and implementation of computer systems such as computer graphics and computational complexity which is highly abstract. It deals with the theory of programming languages for examining numerous aspects of the use of complex systems. Computer Science decides the ability of programs and rates what its computability, its efficiency in terms of complexity and its algorithms, and helps us understand about artificial intelligence.  Computer Science generally focuses on human-computer interaction and on ways to improve usage of computation more internationally and to make it more accessible.

Graduates of Computer Science can get into the design and implementation of software, industrial research in computer technology, providing solutions for intense computational problems, and the management and planning of the infrastructure of organizational technology.

Deciding which one is better completely depends on your area of interest. If you prefer analysis, design, and research, then Computer Science is your potential career path. If programming and developing innovative software products is your thing, then step into IT without hesitation.

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