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20 Jul 2015 594 2 mins Share

Why you should consider doing your engineering degree abroad

Engineering has various streams of study, the basic being chemical engineering, civil engineering, , electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,

20 Jul 2015 594 2 mins Share
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Ever wondered who designs the trains you travel in or who makes it possible for you to read this off your computer screen? All round the globe, engineers shape, invent, and build objects giving form to our everyday lives. Of such importance is the field of engineering. Engineering graduates will perennially have rewarding careers because of steady demand. Most engineers find their jobs overwhelmingly fulfilling and interesting. According to a recent survey taken globally for engineers in every discipline, it was found that less than four percent hate their work. Not the same can be said about any other field.

Engineering has various streams of study, the basic being chemical engineering, civil engineering, , electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,  Other streams that have gained credence over the past couple of decades include aerospace engineering, computer engineering and software engineering. With environmental issues staring us in the face like never before, environmental engineering has also become a sought after subject of study.

Here at Hotcourses India, we have numerous listings of engineering courses all around the globe from Australia, the UK, the US, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands.

In USA, approximately 330 universities and colleges are certified by the ABET, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, with about 250 colleges providing certified bachelor’s engineering technology programs. ABET authorization is given  only after evaluation of the program's various aspects of the engineering program such as curriculum, faculty, facilities, program improvement ,institutional commitment, and student achievements. US Engineering schools also undertake the Engineering School Accreditation process. This process marks whether the institution offers engineering education that is of good quality and matches professional standards. Students graduating from an accredited institution will qualify for doctoral and masters programs.  The US is said to be graduating around 70,000 engineers annually.

Over the next ten years, UK will see an increase in its demand for engineers with its planned industry changes and consumer demands. The UK Department of Trade and Industry has recently stated that engineering students rank highest in employability on graduation with an 83% in contrast to the 64% for all other subject graduates in the UK. Some of the top engineers in the UK who have made it big earning a whopping £2 million! Contrary to common belief, even engineers can make it to the top and especially so in the UK with its market given its increasing demand for engineers and its reportedly high 'drop-out' rate.

Australia is a much preferred study destination for international students looking to get into engineering and technology related programmes.  Numerous Australian technical and engineering colleges offer technical and further Education (TAFE) programs, postgraduate degree courses, and university degrees to students in different engineering streams. Australia offers students a wide range of beautiful locations to study in and promises students an enriching student experience in all aspects. Australia has more engineering graduates per million than USA, Sweden, the UK, France, Germany, and India.

Engineering is a profession that pays rewardingly well for those who possess the right education and skills. On an average a chemical engineer, a civil engineer, and a software engineer earn around $40,000- $90,000. Mechanical engineering may be one of the oldest streams of engineering, yet it still has not gone down in demand over all the years; mechanical engineers earn around $60,000 and more.  Environmental engineering, being a unique specialisation within the discipline, offers promisingly higher salaries of around $ 80,000.  Aerospace engineering with its numerous career prospects offers salaries of around $50,000- $100,000. So potential engineers, it’s time to analyse and calculate which stream of engineering you would like to dive into! 

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