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Jason Phillips
14 May 2015 670 2 mins Share

Why B-School Students Want To Pursue Consulting As a Career

Take a look at the characteristics that being a consultant should posses that are trained in B-schools.

14 May 2015 670 2 mins Share
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After paying thousands of dollars for extensive training and licensing, would you really want to be an employee after you graduate? If you’re like most people, then you probably want to stop working for someone else. You probably want to be your own boss and run your own brand of business. That’s exactly the same feeling that most business school students have. The feeling of becoming a business owner is rubbed in their faces almost every day as they are taught business processes and principles. To get a better understanding of why B-School students want to pursue consulting as a career, let’s take a look at the characteristics that being a consultant should posses that are trained in B-schools:

Business oriented

Consultants are business oriented (at least I haven’t met one that isn’t). It’s because of having this characteristic that they are able to manage not having to work for someone else. They’re able to thrive on their own while not having to work a regular 8 hour job for other employers. The students normally transition from having a “worker mindset” to having a “business owner” mindset when in business school. Because they are exposed on business principles and how amazing it can be, their mind is then conditioned to set up their own business.

Proficiency in running a business

Consultants are equipped with extensive business knowledge. It’s exactly because of this that business owner’s call to them for help. Their proficiency in business is considered as above average, therefore making them an authority in their field.
The training given to students in business schools put them on the right track of acquiring the kind of proficiency that consultants have. They’re taught accounting, economics and all the other aspects that’s business related to give them a high level of business proficiency that’s sought out by business owners. 

Leadership skills 

Consultants are the “go-to-guys” in their field. They are experts and trend setters. They set higher standards, and they don’t simply adhere to anyone’s ideals. Simply put, they are leaders-school students are trained to be leaders. They normally have the urge and the need to be one, but it is in business schools that their leadership skills are cultivated and polished. With how broad a subject business is, not having the leadership skills to manage key people in their field of expertise can prove to be very costly when running a business.

Focused on results

One of the key characteristics that successful consultants possess is their focus on results. They are aware that more than anything, investors or the business owners who commissioned them look for a return on their investments.
Students in business schools are trained to see things as they should be. They are trained to see through the clutter and determine what the results should be and how to attain them. In the world of business, there are a lot of things that can distract you from what your goal really is. It could be your manpower, budget, marketing, and so much more. The students are taught not to get distracted but focus on the end result instead. It is when people are focused on results that they are able to handle things accordingly.
It’s for these reasons (among many others) that business school students want to pursue consulting as their career. It’s as if the whole point of a business school is to condition their students to be business owners or consultants. With how high the level of business “know how” is that’s taught to the students in business school, it just doesn’t make sense for them not to set up their own brand of business or not to pursue consulting.
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