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Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


22 Apr 2016 1.2K Book icon 4 mins Share

8 Points to Keep in Mind if you are Planning to Study in Germany

When in Germany, be like a German, understand the culture and stick to the laws, enjoy your time as a student in Germany.

22 Apr 2016 1.2K Book icon 4 mins Share
Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


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Study in germany

Germany continues to grow in popularity as a study abroad destination of choice for Indian students. Here are some key points that you should remember if you plan to study in Germany.

Indian Stretchable Time does not work in Germany


Punctuality is a virtue and the Germans are known for their punctuality. If you are supposed to meet someone at 10 AM; be there at 9:55 AM. If you are running late, call and apologise.

Public Transport Rocks Big Time

Be it the trains or the buses, the public transport system in Germany is efficient and well-designed and offers safe and convenient transportation.

Learn to Speak German

Mark our words, it really helps! Completing a certificate course or two in German will help you a lot!

Rain, Shine, or Snow – Be Prepared

Germany can be cold even in summers; the daytime temperature would be at about 25 degree Celsius but the nights may see temperatures drop down to 12 and 13 degree Celsius. So imagine your plight during the harsher winter months. Always carry a comfortable rain coat in a bag with yourself.

Learn Cooking – Save Money

Well if you are a non-vegetarian, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of the varieties of meat and dishes on offer. If you are a vegetarian, well we would recommend that you learn cooking start buying vegetables and provisions from stores and cook. Eating out can be very expensive in Germany; though universities offer discounted food to students on campus; in your own interest, learn cooking, save money and use that money to explore Germany and rest of Europe.

Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Water

In Germany, if you go into a restaurant and ask for water you will be served fizzy or carbonated water, if you are so keen on bottled water then ask for mineral water. Be warned, bottled water is pricey, tap-water is safe to drink and if you are very particular you can boil it and drink it after it cools down. Reiterating the previous point on learning cooking, invest in an induction cook-top, a pressure cooker and core utensils that you can carry along with you, when you leave for Germany. While travelling within Germany, always good to carry a bottle of water along with yourself.

Obey the Traffic Laws

Well we all know how good the state of affairs in India are with regard to the traffic laws and woe betide you, if you decide to jay walk or ignore and skip a red traffic light! The long arms of the Polizei will reach out to find you and punish you!

Explore Germany and Europe

Germany is bound by nine neighbouring countries and a German visa gives you access to visit most of the European countries other than the UK. With a brilliant rail network that connects most of Europe together with ease; it will be a cardinal sin if you do not utilise your free time to explore Europe. Plan your finances with care, travel light, seek out youth/student hostels and discover the joy of travelling.

There is a lot that can be written about studying in Germany. What one needs to keep in mind is that as of now with the public universities the tuition fee is at a bare minimum though the students pay for accommodation and administrative fees. This may change in the near future as the refugee crisis threatens to cripple all of Europe badly and Germany is no exception to this problem. If you are keen on studying abroad and are looking at a cost-effective and quality education; then this is the time for it. Get in touch with us for expert advice and we will help you find the right course and university in Germany.

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